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Ah, much better. We're not going to try to do it down in the basement.

Plan is to have between seven and twelve tables lined up in the prefunction space on the Anaheim Convention Center second floor, right outside the area where the convention Dealers Halls and Programming Room will be. (If you're looking at a diagram of the ACC 2nd Floor with the 201 rooms at the right, we're looking at having them "below" 202A and 201A if we can expand that far. Dealers Rooms are 202AB and 203AB, Programming Room is 204ABC.)

We'd like to have 12 badge pickup stations (probably AB, CD, EF, GH, IJ, KL, M, NO, PQR, S, TUV, WXY or whatever the breakdown works out to when we prepare the badges) during the first few hours. If each station can handle a badge a minute, that's a theoretical throughput of 720 badges per hour overall.

With the prereg pickup being st the top of the escalator, we can have someone downstairs managing the traffic going up the escalator. If we even have to have that at all -- how fast does the escalator deliver people upstairs? If it's no more than about 500-600/hour, then all we have to do is make sure people don't get on the escalator before we're ready.

I've also been given a free hand to recruit the staff people to make sure we have the small army we need. We need to have them all there for the first half of the day, and then once we've given out 80% of our badges I can let 80% of the staff go ramble around.

Madame Chair was protesting that "we've already paid for the Catalina Rooms" and I told her use them for something else, or don't use them at all, but don't fall victim to the Sunk Costs Fallacy.
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So I'm trying to organize my thoughts and plans for running at-con reg (mostly pre-reg badge pickup) in about six weeks, at a new convention. (I volunteered for the position and was accepted on Friday.)

I say "mostly pre-reg badge pickup" because the convention has a cap of 1000 and fully expects to hit it. They initially announced a cap of 500 and hit it in ten weeks. Since then they've arranged for more space, expanded from a one-day to a two-day event, and doubled the cap.

There are a couple of questions that remain, even if they do sell 1000 badges before convention time.

For starters, if you bought a Saturday badge in the first 500, you now must upgrade to full weekend -- i.e. pay them again -- if you want to go for both days. But if you do nothing between now and Day Zero, then you just have a Saturday badge.

Will upgrades be available at the door? Will my department be expected to process them? I expect the answer is yes to both questions, and we'll need to find out how to handle that.

There are six or seven different groups of memberships. Probably Saturday, Full, Staff, Guest, and Dealer. Maybe another one or two. Given that complex a situation I expect that, if different badge stock is used for them, we'll want to preprint all of the badges. That way we don't make any mistakes on the day, but does add to the complexity of the Upgrade situation. (Or, for an Upgrade, we just give them the missing One-day badge as well. But I'm not thrilled about that for badge-checking reasons.)

That's not the most challenging part of the exercise, though. Oh no.

Registration will be in "Catalina 1" or 2, in the Lower Level of the Anaheim Hilton. ("Under the food court" if you're familiar with the property.)

Interesting wrinkle number 1: the other room (Catalina #2 or #1) is where they plan to put Autographs. Which won't be in operation all weekend, but when it is, they'll have their own line to wrangle.

Wrinkle #2: the halls down there are a bit cramped, the room only has one door, and it has an occupancy limit of 49.

In my next post, I'll talk about my plan of attack...


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