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Dime Toss So here's the sort of thing I'm thinking for FandomVerse Expo, and I'm seriously considering doing a dry run at the next picnic.

Whatever your dime lands on, you win. They've got toys in boxes, some upside-down vases and mugs, metal commuter mugs, shot glasses and stacks of little dishes... The county fair game I remember from decades ago was all glassware, but clearly that's not a requirement.
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Bobbing for monkeys, anyone? Or... some sort of carnival game?

FandomVerse Expo‚Äč is planning on a carnival/festival thing, on one or two nights. While I was thinking of doing a "Fishing for Monkeys" thing -- get a bunch of the plastic monkeys from the "Barrel of Monkeys" game, mark them somehow, put them in a plastic wading pool with water, give people fishing poles, and have some of the monkeys marked for some sort of prize -- I'm wondering if a dime dish toss would be more fun. Set up a table with some dishes, cups, plates, saucers, etc., and let people try pitching their dimes and win whatever dish the dime lands on.

What do you think?


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