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knot Four years ago, I wrote Version 2 of a rectangular Celtic Knotwork generator. It's a Perl/HTML implementation. The interface is rather cumbersome -- I'm working on Version 3 of the project in my copious free time, to make it easier to click on your knotwork-in-progress to set and remove breaklines. You'll also be able to sign in and see the knots you've been working on, and easily bring up other "canned" patterns to play with (or to print as cross-stitch patterns).

I've written up my notes (3 pages). They might be of interest to some people. Files are 40 to 45 K bytes each, plus some little graphics.

When I finish version 3, it'll be easier to use, there will be more counted-cross-stitch output options, and I'm thinking I'll make a gizmo to color and count the ribbons in your pattern. And I want to work on a "beading" output style too. So stay tuned for all that.


[5x5 knot] Addendum: I've written my new rendering program, this is a sample output.


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