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BRAAAAIINNNS! A ribbon Tana's preparing to order.

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Well, the doctor told me I need to get my heart rate up! That cricket bat got a good work-out. What would usually take me about ten minutes to get there and back, took more than half an hour today. Thankfully there were only a few of them on my route - stragglers wandering off from the good eatin' in Santa Ana, easy to pick off.

Good thing this place has a shower, I need to get the worst of the blood and zombie bits washed off.

What I saw: The old air base (where they were building all those new houses) is in flames.

The middle/high school around the corner -- the one where the Santa Ana school district sends their trouble magnets (if the call goes out "Officer wanted on campus" because of a particular student more than once or twice, the student usually ends up there) is actually doing pretty well, considering. They're barricaded up, but those kids are tough and they're holding off those that come their way.

The am/pm, the 7-Eleven, Carl's Jr -- the motels and the hotels around the corner -- total write-offs. The Del Taco was just closing by the time I got there, and they looked determined.

The other side of the freeway, which is almost all of Santa Ana: smoke, alarms going off, noise, cries.

The light industrial area this side: mostly clear, apparently because after 5 o'clock there's nobody to eat here anyway. Not a lot of fire here (apart from the houses on the old Marine Corps Air Station/Helicopters that I mentioned earlier) because almost everything's concrete tilt-ups and there's nothing much to burn.

We're under the flight path to the airport, as I mentioned earlier. There's not as many flights coming in as we usually see. And some were kind of wobbling or something, not sure how to describe it. Could have been the pilot trying to make it out to the ocean before ditching, not sure.

The freeway itself: traffic nightmare you would not believe. People determined to make it through. Not a lot of zombies on the pavement itself, but the overheard CalTrans sign explains some of what's going on: Usually this time of day it just says "91 FWY - 10 MIN" but today it was "5 BLOCKED, 22 BLOCKED, 91 FWY - 45 MIN."

I'm pretty safe in this building, because there are hardly any cars parked outside (so it doesn't look like there's anything to eat inside) and our access security system is the best in the business. I should know, it's my job to maintain the firmware (and add new features that might be working for years before the software gets updated to unlock them, but that's not my problem).
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The airport's just horrible. Until the FAA realized what was going on, the passenger flights were landing even when the entire cabin and crew (except for the cockpit crew) had been eaten. But when the cockpit crew came out to find out what was going on, they were usually unprepared for what they found.

Once the FAA got the word out to the planes in the air, they started figuring out what -- if anything -- they could do. Some of them took the "Philadelphia solution" and crashed themselves in the desert or in the ocean.

The situation with the baggage handlers meant that if you did make it off a plane alive, you'd better hope everything you needed was in your carry-on luggage. And good luck finding a taxi.

Kim's left early, and Keith's gone too. It's quiet around here.

Maybe a little too quiet. Actually, I don't think I've seen Jim since lunch time, and I didn't hear anything about him leaving early.

I'm about to go for my lunch walk, I'll report back on what I see. I've got a cricket bat, don't worry about me, I'll be fine...

(Oh, Lynn, the package got out -- assuming UPS hasn't been taken attacked yet.)


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