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It appears I have at least 61 aloha shirts. (Plus a bowling shirt that gets a spot in the rotation.) So I can go 12 workweeks without wearing the same shirt to the office twice. Possibly longer, what with holidays and vacation days!

Photo of my closet to follow. It's still on my camera. Oh, and I think I've got an extra shirt at the office so the count's up to 63 shirts at least. Five of them have flamingos.
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[livejournal.com profile] missmea has been making shirts for me. If you see me in the next few days, I'm likely to be wearing a shirt I've never worn before. See, I bought some fabric starting many years ago (about a decade I think) for making aloha shirts, and I starting buying "aloha print" fabric, then other prints with lots of tropical flowers, then various other colorful prints and so forth. But some of the very first fabric purchases stayed at the bottom of a box in the garage... and now they're finally seeing the light of day. Which means that it's okay for me to stop now.

However, we just acquired some Christmas/winter-themed fabric. So by December I'll have some holiday shirts too. Which is something else I've wanted, for many years. (I have a purple sweatshirt with HO HO HO appliqu├ęd on it, but that's about it.) Many of my friends and relations have a selection of winter-themed clothing and accessories. Now I'll have something to wear to those December parties too.


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