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Austin Anime Los Angeles 4 meeting at hotel (06-Jul-2007); LASFS Aftermeetings part 292: Coral Cafe (12-Jul-2007); Sac-Anime (13-15-Jul-2007); and Orange County Fair/Weird Al Yankovic concert (21-Jul-2007) photos now online. Pick on the picture of [livejournal.com profile] adrenailine at the [livejournal.com profile] animelosangeles table to see the pictures from Sac-Anime.

Well, I finished the book on Sunday. Took me two days. So I don't have to worry about spoilers in your LJs.

And we went and saw the 501st Legion in concert Saturday night at the Orange County Fair -- they were dancing on stage, along with Weird Al Yankovic's band... )

I posted recently about my experience at Anime Expo with the instant-photo printing project. I've proposed the same kind of thing for the Costume College Gala; we'll see if it gets approved by them who approve these things in time. I'm optimistic that it'll work out well. If anyone graphically inclined wants to design a picture frame for the project, please contact me right away! I need a PNG with a transparent window in it -- or you can just pick a color to be "transparent" where the photo will go. The overall size should be 775 pixels wide by 1025 pixels high, with the window for the photo no larger than a 600x800 pixel rectangle. Preference would be for the photo's position to be centered, but that's not an absolute requirement. (If there's a good photographer attending, I'll cheerfully set aside my ego in favor of the costumers getting better pictures, and run their photos on my computer equipment and save my own photos just for the website.)

colleency has been helpful in getting me hooked up with the Costume College volunteers coordinator, so I can put in some useful work... )

Anyhow, that's a bit of a tangent -- I was starting to talk about Anime Expo. I saw a few things, I've heard a few things about the convention, and I went to the gripe session. Whoo boy, were people unhappy. (And that's before the announcement that the con was moving to Los Angeles Convention Center next year.) I passed up a note to the panel as they were ending the session, or more correctly, moving the discussion outside, and the chair (Joyce Lim) asked me to send her an e-mail message with some of my ideas. So here's a piece of what I sent her. If there's any interest, I'll post more... )

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Got back Sunday night from Sac-Anime.

It turns out that Sac-Anime announced on their website: "SacAnime has added an extra day to our show. The festivities will begin on Friday July 13th at 3pm" (03/05/07) But this wasn't on their advertising that I saw at AniZona, including their full-color flyer. So I got there about 6:30 pm Friday. Knowing what I know now, would I have driven up Thursday night? No, but I might have left before dawn Friday morning.

It was an odd convention. I probably won't go back -- I prefer the ones run by non-profit organizations, or at least run like a non-profit -- but I'm glad I went and checked it out. )

I gave away six cases of half-pint water bottles and five cases of granola bars. (Also a carton of Goldfish crackers.) Lots of "are they really free?" reactions, a few fans recognized me, encouraged people to take flyers. Not really expecting a lot of people to sign up -- most of the attendees don't have a chance of making a winter run down to SoCal until after they graduate from high school. But they might remember us when they do take control of their lives.

Signs. A number of "Free hugs" or "Hug me, I'm cute" signs and their equivalent. I interpret these as saying "I don't know anyone here and I'm bored."

Most memorable costume: Hula Totoro.

The main reasons I went: to see their convention and support it in my own particular way, to "wave the flag", and to remind returning members that we're happening three weeks earlier than before and in a new hotel. Pre-registration and hotel cut-off deadlines are both before Christmas which is in itself a significant change, instead of being after New Year's. Getting the attention of new people was a distant 4th in importance, compared to those goals.

Convention I wish I could attend this summer: Ani-Jam, in Fresno. It's the same weekend as the summer Cosplay.Com gathering in Laguna Niguel.

Apart from the picnic, my next stops will be Costume College, Anime Vegas, Mikomicon, Conjecture, Ani-Magic, Pacific Media Expo, and Loscon.

*I used the term "sci-fi" to refer to science fiction (s.f.) in my post above. Some of the old guard, fandom's dinosaurs, still stubbornly maintain that saying "sci-fi" is a sign of an outsider. This makes as much sense to me as the Star Trek diehards who dweebishly maintain there's a meaningful difference between Trekkies and Trekkers. I believe that they lost the fight for the term at least ten years ago, when the Sci-Fi channel went on the air, and we only have to wait for them to die out. Then we can safely use the term in our fanzines without fear of reprisals.


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