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I've got a new phone. Mangy-Phone IX. (It replaces Mangy-Phone VIII, which I purchased in 2010, and lost last Thursday night/early Friday between midnight and 12:20 am in Burbank.) If you'd like me to have your number, please send me a text message at (714) 20-MANGY (206-2649) and tell me your name and something you like. For example, "This is Chaz Baden and I like pie."
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Disconnecting my land line, after twenty years. Also the toll-free number.

Up until today, I had 1-800-600-CHAS. Had it for nearly 22 years.

When I moved out of my folks' house, I got an apartment and then another apartment in the same town, then a third apartment in Orange. When I bought the house in Anaheim, my landline was no longer a free local call from anyone I went to high school with. So I kept the ability for my friends to call me for free.

I hadn't anticipated three things: that my friends would all leave town too and scatter to the four winds (no lie, one of my buddies has been Budapest for almost thirty years), that we'd all get cell phones and have free long-distance, and that we'd reconnect via the internet in any event.

The "800-600-CHAS" is also no longer as convenient, now that everybody has phones with a "Z" on them. They'd be trying to spell out 2429 instead of 2427.

The toll-free line was available if Maria ever needed to call home, she didn't need to have any change for the phone. But nobody's called it on purpose in many years, now.

It was an areacode away from a Coca-Cola bottling plant (whose local area code also starts with an 8) and most of the wrong numbers lately had been from them. Previously, it had been an areacode away from Chase bank (888, I think it was).

I kept the land line even though we didn't have any phones connected because a. it would still work with the power out (cf. Internet service) and b. I had the DSL service bundled to it. Now, however, we're getting internet-only U-verse service for the internet, and I'm willing to drive during a power failure to find a working cell tower...


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