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Paging my Minnesota friends -- Does anyone have a personal connection to Jack Zipes?
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My friends and I are hosting a room party Sunday night at Baycon this Memorial Day weekend, with a "Speakeasy" theme. It's to support the KC in 2016 Worldcon Bid.

Are you going to be at this convention? Why not put on your '20s or '30s outfits and join us! If you're looking for inspiration, anything from Boardwalk Empire, Downton Abbey or The Great Gatsby will do fine.

We'll have food on sticks, and "tea" & "lemonade" drinks in teacups. Enjoy a gin and tonic, or a whisky and soda in a teacup. (We'll even serve you actual tea, or lemonade lemonade if you're not imbibing.)

The password is GOATS.

The year is 1926. The name of the place: Pendergast Cafe.
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I'm going to Westercon this summer. (I'm their Fan Guest of Honor.)

I'd like to host a party during the convention. If I can pull this off, I'm going to need some help on the ground. At a minimum, some help rounding up the groceries would be needed. Better would be if you'll help me get things prepped to make the on-site cooking so much easier...

Does this sound like fun? I'm thinking we serve tacos, encourage people to wear aloha shirts, and take lots of pictures.
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Photos now online: Maria Rodriguez.
Dinner with Christian and Melissa (15-Mar-2009)
Video Game Equipment (19-Mar-2009)
Meeting Masoud and Joey (15-Mar-2009)
LASFS/Aftermeetings part 340: Coral Cafe (19-Mar-2009) et seq.
Culture Day Spring 2009 part 1: Missed Some Dim Sum (21-Mar-2009) et seq.
Culture Day Spring 2009 part 3: FIDM Movie Costume Exhibit (21-Mar-2009) et seq.
Looking at L.A. Live (21-Mar-2009)
Dinner with Maria (21-Mar-2009) Part 1 et seq.
Wendy's 21st Birthday Party part 1: Jell-O Checkers (21-Mar-2009) et seq.
Storing Melissa's Boxes (22-Mar-2009)
The picture of [livejournal.com profile] missmea bartending is from the party.

Christian's ''L.A.con IV'' jacket. Another week. Last Sunday, [livejournal.com profile] ala_mokita came over and showed me the [livejournal.com profile] laconiv jacket. (left) It runs a little snug: I'll need a 3XL-T instead of a 2XL-T. This week we wrote out a check for the appropriate amount and mailed it off. We'll get one with Baden embroidered on it, so [livejournal.com profile] library_lynn and I can wear it.

Masoud Karkehabadi. That night, he and I met up with Masoud and Joey. Masoud was co-head of the Video Game Room for Anime Los Angeles 2-5... )

Joyce Hooper, Christian B. McGuire and Cathy. At Coral last week, Joyce showed us the Indiana hand sign for shark... )

Melissa De Mello and an enormous brownie sundae. A new addition to the Coral crowd is Melissa De Mello... )

Jon Bryson and Kelly Bryson. This past weekend was busier than usual. [livejournal.com profile] colleency had organized a Dim Sum trip at Empress Pavilion, and a trip to see the FIDM movie costume exhibit. There's one weekend left to see it and the exhibit (and parking) are free. Costumes from last year's crop of superhero movies, Speed Racer, Appaloosa, Elizabeth: The Golden Age, Benjamin Button, and more -- 22 movies in all -- are on display. They don't allow photography inside, so I just snapped a few pictures of the gang that showed up. (right)

As usually is the case, there were a lot of Colleen's "Culture Day" circle of friends and a few people that learned about it through Costumers Guild West.

Looking at the ''L.A. Live'' plaza area. Note big loud speakers, and the advertising screens. Non-stop obtrusive advertising. Not a lot of places to stop and sit, but given the environment you wouldn't really want to. After we left the exhibit, Shawn and Colleen headed into the Garment District to shop at Mike's Fabrics. I walked up to L.A. Live... )

My Jell-O shots in the kitchen. Saturday night was Wendy's 21st birthday party... )

Melissa's 7 boxes are in our storage unit. And the following morning, Melissa came over and we put some boxes into storage. Moving her stuff out of her house is part of her long-range plan to live somewhere non-toxic. (left)

Next: Sunday!


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