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Photos online:


Equestria LA
SoCal Brony Meetup Picnic in Anaheim (22-Sep-2012) Part 1 et seq.
My Little Pony backcard stories part 1: Year Two (16-Oct-2012) et seq.
SCIFI Board Meeting (13-Oct-2012) Part 1 et seq.
Visiting darcee at her school (18-Oct-2012)

Animé Los Angeles 9

Gallifrey 2013 part 3: Committee Meeting (21-Oct-2012)
Conjecture 2012 part 1: Saturday (06-Oct-2012) et seq.
Pacific Media Expo part 1: Friday (09-Nov-2012) et seq.
Loscon 39 part 1: Thursday (22-Nov-2012) et seq.
Omar's Last Day (07-Aug-2012)
Blue house, suit shopping, monitors (17-Nov-2012)
Shopping for Eggs and Soda (19-Nov-2012)
Growing the Beard (01/09-Dec-2012)
Dinner at Dinah's with Colleen and Shawn (04-Dec-2012)
Remodeling the Office (05/12-Dec-2012)
Shyloh and Cherika (29-Dec-2012)
Measuring Wall Space (15-Dec-2012)
Last Day for Lars (19-Dec-2012)
Maria's Birthday at Buca di Beppo (19-Dec-2012)
Mannequins for Costume Exhibit (22-Dec-2012)
Cars, couches, toners and rosettes (Dec-2012)
Christmas 2012 part 1: Foss Potluck Party (24-Dec-2012) et seq.
Christmas 2012 part 4: Dorothy and Bob's House (25-Dec-2012)
Christmas 2012 part 5: Home with Maria and Lynn (26-Dec-2012)
New Year's Day with Sarah (01-Jan-2013)
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Photos online:
LASFS/Aftermeetings part 401: Coral Cafe (28/29-Oct-2010)
LASFS/Aftermeetings part 402: Coral Cafe (04-Nov-2010) et seq.
LASFS/Aftermeetings part 404: Coral Cafe (11/12-Nov-2010) et seq.
LASFS/Aftermeetings part 406: Coral Cafe (18/19-Nov-2010)
LASFS/Aftermeetings part 407: Coral Cafe (02-Dec-2010) et seq.
Julie and Andrew's Wedding (30-Oct-2010) Part 1 et seq.
Julie and Andrew's Wedding (30-Oct-2010) Part 7
Halloween 2010: Melissa and James (31-Oct-2010)
Hanging out with Maria, Sarah, Caitlin, and Justin's friend (Oct/Nov-2010)
Miscellaneous: Cougar Stadium, plastic tub (Oct/Nov-2010)
Pacific Media Expo 2010 part 1: Friday afternoon (12-Nov-2010) et seq.
Pacific Media Expo 2010 part 4: Saturday (13-Nov-2010) et seq.
Pacific Media Expo 2010 part 8: Sunday (15-Nov-2010) et seq.
Anime Los Angeles 7 part 14: Exec Meeting (20-Nov-2010) et seq.
Anime Los Angeles 7 part 16: Morning Meetings (21-Nov-2010) et seq.
Anime Los Angeles 7 part 18: General Meeting (21-Nov-2010) et seq.
Anime Los Angeles 7 part 20: Dinner (21-Nov-2010) et seq.
Anime Los Angeles 7 part 22: Morning After (22-Nov-2010)
Wreck of Saltine (20-Nov-2010) Part 1 et seq.
Costumer's Guild West Board Meeting (21-Nov-2010)
Loscon 37 part 1: Thursday (25-Nov-2010) et seq.
Loscon 37 part 3: Friday (26-Nov-2010) et seq.
Loscon 37 part 8: Saturday (27-Nov-2010) et seq.
Loscon 37 part 15: Sunday (28-Nov-2010) et seq.
Smofcon 28, San Jose, part 1: Friday Evening (03-Dec-2010) et seq.
Smofcon 28, San Jose, part 6: Saturday (04-Dec-2010) et seq.
Smofcon 28, San Jose, part 13: Sunday (05-Dec-2010) et seq.
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Hillel Cogan, Victoria Shapero. Photos online:
Anime Los Angeles 6 meetings part 27: Pizza Party (24-Oct-2009) et seq.
Anime Los Angeles 6 meetings part 32: After the Pizza Party (24-Oct-2009)
Lunch with Tadao (25-Oct-2009)
Click on Hillel and [livejournal.com profile] fabula_umbrae to see their picture.

Halloween: upholding the family tradition ("do a trick to get a treat"). And it's the jumbo full-size 100-calorie Pixy Stix. We had 58 people come by. I'm glad [livejournal.com profile] library_lynn insisted on getting more than one 50-piece box.

I went out and bought a Halloween decoration. It's a little box with a different cut-out design on each side, and it lights up with changing color LEDs. I also put a 15W bulb in Mr. Tiki, and put the lava lamp and the neon flamingo in the windows. TImberwolves howling through the front window; Bach preludes and fugues on the organ ("funeral music" -- actually, stuff he wrote for the church, so it really is church music) coming out another of the new windows. Candle on the skull... you know, the usual sort of thing. This year I set up 10 luminarias on the lawn, in a row, using white paper lunch bags, a 5-lb. bag of kitty litter, and [livejournal.com profile] ladymaxstarr's battery-operated LED tealight-replacements.

Will you be at [livejournal.com profile] pmxnews Expo next weekend? To promote [livejournal.com profile] animelosangeles I'm organizing a "Free food room" aka Peanut Butter and Jelly/Potluck Party Room, right off of the "Japanese Garden Deck" where a lot of the cosplay photo shoots are likely to end up on the 3rd floor.

We'll be open from noon-ish to 9-ish on Friday. On Saturday, we'll close for the masquerade and re-open afterwards, so if you're entering the masquerade you can come upstairs and have dinner with us. We'll be open on Sunday as well, until at least 4.

Over the course of the weekend, I expect our hot food will include hot spiced cider, cocoa, stewed pears, macaroni & cheese, teriyaki meatballs, lasagna, jambalaya, chili con carne with beans, lots of rice, Hello Kitty toast, sweet & sour meatballs, barbecue beef, and more.

Last night I browned 9 lbs. of sausage for the jambalaya. We might have jambalaya all three days, how does that sound to everyone? (I like jambalaya: can you tell?) I'm leaning towards serving macaroni and cheese, and jambalaya, for lunch, putting the meatballs in a little later to be ready mid-afternoon and have the barbecue beef for the dinner. So when something runs out, there will be something else getting hot and ready by then.

The lasagna will be a bonus for Saturday (because that's when the Hetalia gathering is), and I haven't made up my mind with the little smokies. Probably a bonus on Friday, before or after the meatballs. I'm torn on all this, because Friday's going to be when we're open the longest, but Saturday's likelier the bigger day at the convention. We'll close for the Masquerade and re-open after. Our traffic dropped dramatically after 9pm last year, there wasn't much point to keeping the place open. Maybe we can get the word out better this year: there's hot free food upstairs -- if the door's open, we're open.

I know I've got some friends who don't eat pork, so there's plenty of barbecue beef, beef li'l smokies, and beef/chicken meatballs. But Nasir, stay away from the jambalaya, okay?

I think there's about 30 lbs. of meat ready to go. I'm not sure how much meat is in the lasagna and the chili; I'm calling it at 3 lbs., but that's just a wild estimated guess. (I don't even know what I'm going to do with the chili... realistically, I should have fixings to go with that, more than just rice, so that adds to the complications for serving chili.)

Logistically, I'm planning to do runs back to my own freezer at night, instead of trying to do shopping runs each morning. This also means I don't have to move everything Thursday night. Just most of it...

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Tiffany (Neo_Serenity) and Arianna Unciano study the menus. Photos online. And most of them have captions. Help me fill in the gaps!
LASFS/Aftermeetings part 354: Coral Cafe (18-Jun-2009) et seq.
LASFS/Aftermeetings part 356: Coral Cafe (25-Jun-2009) et seq.
Irvine Cosplay Picnic at Mason Park (20-Jun-2009)
Anaheim Gardenwalk and the Anaheim Marriott (21-Jun-2009)
Napmobile and a fenderbender (21-Jun-2009)
Anime Los Angeles 6 meetings part 2: Exec Dinner/Meeting (26-Jun-2009) et seq.
Anime Los Angeles 6 meetings part 6: General Meeting (27-Jun-2009) et seq.
Moving Melissa (28-Jun-2009)
Victoria's Picture Gallery: Anime Expo 2009: Saturday (04-Jul-2009)
Melissa and the Fan Gallery cases (11-Jul-2009)
Anaheim Marriott Tour (16-Jul-2009)
La Verne Cosplay Picnic at Las Flores Park (18-Jul-2009)
The picture of [livejournal.com profile] neo_serenity is from the exec dinner.

Losing my camera at Anime Expo really rocked me back... )

Oh, there's more going on than just my emotional state, of course. I've taken more photos since Anime Expo, but the photos in the queue have been on hold because of other non-photo, non-blog reasons. Family health issues and household management issues, and if I can be discarding and shredding old papers any of that comes before puttering around on my website.

I've just spent a few nights (in my copious free time) captioning some of the backlog. I think I've got to stop taking so many group photos -- they slow me down so much in the captioning phase!

I've been putting a few inconsequential updates on my facebook. Nothing major, but I wanted to repeat here the bigger items that I've mentioned there.

The Potluck Party Room at Costume College was a big success, so we'll do it again at PMX... )

Between now and PMX: I'll be at Tiki Oasis this weekend (just for fun), Anime Vegas (in a convention center), and a small anime convention at CSU Northridge. So PMX is the next opportunity to do any kind of hospitality beyond giving away granola bars and candy at our table.

For [livejournal.com profile] loscon, I'm hosting a Confirmation: Westercon 63 party. "Poofy dresses (especially white ones), shirt and tie, or school uniform" will be the dress code. We're toying with the idea of using a "Confirmitzvah" theme, stay tuned for that.

Some small convention news... )

I mentioned last month that I've purchased a new camera. I haven't found the "sports" setting yet, but I've started playing with the High ISO option for available light shots. You can see I've started posting the first crop of photos from the new camera.

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My Animé Los Angeles report, part 6: Sunday. (See also part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, and part 7.)

Fred Ladd had originally been one of my picks for a Guest of Honor to tie in with Old School Day... )

Sunday also marked the debut of our ''Your Next Convention'' mini program track... )

Rob Miles is in charge of "Stage Zero" at FanimeCon, and he's offered us a half-hour timeslot to talk up [livejournal.com profile] animelosangeles. What shall we do? Will it be at 9:00 am on the last morning of the convention?

Sunday afternoon was the ''Walking Free'' Fashion Show... )

There was a lot of interest in next year's Fashion Show, especially for having it earlier in the weekend. It'll be either Friday or Saturday next year, depending on what Tech and Events work out.

Our Editor Guest of Honor, Zac Bertschy, was only able to attend on Sunday... )

Feedback/Gripe Session, in the timeslot before Closing Ceremonies, was relatively painless. Suggestions included positioning signs so from the foyer you can look down the hall and see where the doors to Artists' Alley, Dealers, LP1, LP2, and so forth are. It was pointed out that the hotel has removed the signs hanging from the ceiling that used to say Salon A and Suite 1 etc, so it's even harder to find things. Another suggestion was to add a map of the facility to the BADGE ZONE signs, with a YOU ARE HERE dot. Many compliments, lots of people liked the costume-eating escalator sign and the big posters we had everywhere (mostly of Kevin Lillard's photos). We should have announced at Gripe to go get your poster now -- many were torn down once Closing started. (I may owe people a few reprints.) Suggestion for next year: post photos from the past five Animé Los Angeleses (Animé Los Angeli?). As well as Jessica's art.

Next: After it's all over

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Catching up with November. The conclusion of my Loscon 35 (2008) report. (Other sections: part 1, part 2.)

Loscon has a strong party floor... )

Because of our sponsorship arrangement (which I talked about last time), we were able to get a suite without having a party on Friday.

Melissa De Mello. I've talked about my Minions. Melissa De Mello, my Head Minion (right), wanted to use [livejournal.com profile] loscon as a training ground to try out the proto-minions and see how they work out, and also to do a little training on the radiophones ("Boost" phones, which we've nicknamed the nextels).

Some of the proto-minions were able to come to Loscon -- Steven, David, and Mindy. In addition, I had [livejournal.com profile] summoner_lenne9 and [livejournal.com profile] aramina. We didn't know how the others would work out, but there were at least four of us that could get things done.

Daniel Jones, helping us with unloading my car. When I arrived at the hotel Friday morning, Melissa and Sarah were already there, and Daniel Jones was hanging around with nothing to do. We shanghaied him into our crew. "Bored? We'll give you some interesting work!" (left)

So by noon, we'd started unloading Saltine and hauling everything up to the party suite... )

Someone dishing up chili in Keith Kato's Chili Party. On Friday night, I suggested all of the minions should check out the other parties. Starting with the Executive Suite's three-way party, which had Keith Kato's chili (right), Elst's wines and cheeses, and their friend's dessert party, we all went party-hopping the full length of the hall.

Melissa and Patty's conclusion, after seeing all the parties: they wanted a budget to come up with some kind of door treatment... )

Mindy Chung, Sarah Goldberg on floor, Patty, and Steven. After we shut down the table for the day Saturday, we went up to the room. We wanted all of the decorations up, all of the posters and signs, all the food staged and ready. Here you can see Sarah and Steven getting one of the posters ready to hang, while Mindy gets the toaster ready and Patty heads to the next room. (right)

Wall scrolls and postcard poster. Putting up the posters on the wall is the easy part. We prioritize the posters, and put the more-important ones up first. And fill in with wall scrolls until we've completely covered every wall. (left)

I had promised Patty Wells, [livejournal.com profile] renoin2011 Worldcon Bid chair, that I'd get her some kind of help with her party. We dubbed her "Reno Patty" to distinguish her from [livejournal.com profile] aramina. Melissa took Reno Patty shopping for cookies, soda, and so forth Saturday -- her party theme was "Cookies and Milk" -- and David, Steven and Mindy helped her get the room together. It went quickly, and she didn't need help manning the party itself.

Steven Holeman. We broke for dinner (right) then caught most of the Masquerade and went back up to work on the room some more.

We had a lot of food to serve... )

The room looked a lot different 24 hours before, when it was empty -- it's hard to visualize what the crowds will do to your design for the space.

Another problem has to do with signage... )

John Scalzi in front of poster of Ala reading ''Zoe's Tale.'' I mentioned we'd sent out postcards to promote "Animé Los Angeles Day at LosCon 35." They had art, done by the amazingly talented [livejournal.com profile] le_moose, which showed our mascot Ala, dressed Roman-style, reading a copy of Zoe's Tale. A poster blow-up of that postcard art graced the most prominent picture frame in the room. (left)

Zoe's Tale is the latest book from John Scalzi, LosCon's writer guest of honor, and it's about a 16-year-old girl. I thik Ala and Zoe would get along like a house on fire, if it weren't for the fact that they're both ficticious characters... You can see the Hello Kitty toaster and a crockpot full of stewed pears on the table next to John.

The great thing about hosting parties is so many nice people come and find you at your party... )

It was interesting to compare the Saturday night party scene, vs. our Peanut Butter & Jelly room at Pacific Media Expo. We were open a shorter time (about six hours), but much more crowded. We had a lot of leftovers. Partly because we had purchased so much in the first place, of course, and weren't open as long, but also because the LosCon crowd wasn't starving compared to the fans at at a con with no con suite like [livejournal.com profile] pmx.

We win the hearts of fans at PMX because we have food, period. (And we're going to be open three full days next time -- I'm checking in the day before PMX and checking out the day after.) We were one of the happening parties at LosCon because of what food we had, including the spiced cider and the stewed pears wafting a hot cinnamon smell out into the hall. One of these days I should break out the roaster oven and bake cinnamon pretzels again...

That's it for November. I'm off to Gallifrey One tomorrow, and in my free time (as I have no actual duties at the convention) I'll work on my Animé Los Angeles report.

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Continuing with Part 4 of my four-part Pacific Media Expo report. [livejournal.com profile] pmx was in November, so I'm only eleven weeks behind realtime. (Other installments: part 1, part 2, part 3.)

One indicator I've been watching, with regards to a convention's health, is how the costumers seem to feel about the convention. )

My conclusion is that the costumers still go to PMX and have a good time.

This is what worries me about AniZona's future, by the way. )

General announcement: I'm looking for someone willing to ride out with me to AniZona on Thursday night 2009-04-09 and help represent [livejournal.com profile] animelosangeles at the convention. It'll be an easy gig, we're just sitting at a table during the day, no PB&J room. Inquire if interested.

Ghosts are a perennial problem at anime conventions. I think the problem is related to the perceived value of the convention... )

I like this convention (PMX). They're doing something different from the other conventions. I'd like them to thrive. Will I be back at the next Pacific Media Expo? Oh yes. They've announced their dates. I've got my hotel room reserved. Mark your calendars, it starts on 2009-11-06. And pre-registration is open now.

Footnote: The Day the Music Died. Groundhog Day, fifty years ago, after performing their "Winter Dance Party" show in Clear Lake, Iowa, three musicians got into a small plane on a snowy night with a pilot who wasn't instrument-qualified. Want to hear more about them, that night, their music and their legacy? (Scroll down to "Bop Street" to listen.) If you've got broadband, you could do worse than to tune into KFAI.org from time to time. But do it soon, they only archive the shows for two weeks.

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Continuing with Part 3 of my four-part Pacific Media Expo report. [livejournal.com profile] pmx was in November, so I'm only eleven weeks behind realtime. (Other installments: part 1, part 2, part 4.)

We've been using the publicity tour to train my minions, with mixed success... )

My best minions are likely to "graduate" to other positions from one year to the next, which is great. I'll talk more about that when I catch up to this year's convention.

We've been trying to recruit people to join the Anime Los Angeles staff... )

The publicity tour, aka the convention circuit: it's certainly not a short circuit. I estimate that I spent 10% of my nights in 2008 sleeping in hotel rooms, and that's likely to go up slightly for 2009. I've spent a lot of my time on the road giving the same speeches. (And I've identified two new ones I need to add, which could be abbreviated water and ops. More about those later.)

In the "Is Anime LA worth the consideration?" thread that turns up on Cosplay.com every year, I summarized most of my usual subjects when I said: I'd be happy to talk at length about how things are run. Some keywords for that dissertation: non-profit, volunteers, pass-on system, rollovers, memberships vs. tickets, student discount, military, groups, parent-in-tow, postcard art contests, mascot, fairy godfather, minion, ribbons, open meetings, divisions and departments, framework for creativity, choose to have fun, we are all "us," McGuire's conversational theory of conventions, community, Standlee's potluck theory of fandom, forum participation, outreach, noisy/quiet floors... A number of you who've been by my side all the while know these by heart. With any luck, the memes are trickling out into the wider world, too. If I'm not careful, somebody's going to make a Chaz Bingo card for these topics someday.

Julia Doolittle as ''Sailor Venus'' and someone. Julia (right) interviewed me wearing her ''Sailor Venus'' costume... )

The Traveling Valentine article on PMX has a splash picture taken in our PB&J room. I'm flattered that they considered the crowd in our room to be iconic enough to represent the convention as a whole. Traveling Valentine is getting better at their reporting -- I've watched Vic's journalism improve over the years, from being mostly a personal diary full of in-jokes to more thoughtful and methodical coverage. And their tagline was: Ain't no party like an Anime Los Angeles party so I guess that means we should keep partying on, dudes.

To be continued...

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Continuing with Part 2 of my four-part Pacific Media Expo report. [livejournal.com profile] pmx was in November, so I'm only eleven weeks behind realtime. (Other installments: part 1, part 3, part 4.)

I'd booked us three rooms so that we'd all have a place to sleep... )

Trees in Hilton LAX Third Floor ''Hollywood Garden.'' Having the room on the "Hollywood Garden" (right) made a world of difference compared to last time. Also, there's the simple fact that a lot more people knew about Animé Los Angeles 5 than knew about Animé Los Angeles 4 (because about 500 more people had been to the convention), but it's hard to downplay the importance of location, location, location. In 2007, we'd been on the pool deck, and a few people stumbled across our room, and we had a space downstairs in Artists' Alley with a small scrawled sign telling people about the PB&J upstairs. This year, a lot more people knew about us, a lot more people found us, and with more people on the team representing the convention there were a lot more opportunities to talk up the convention.

We ran a Peanut Butter & Jelly Room in the room at the Hilton... )

People really appreciated our free food. Some of them were eating the frozen macaroni and cheese before it was up to room temperature, to say nothing of it being "warm" or "hot" yet -- we need to start the mac & cheese sooner, and we need to keep it somewhere else until we want to serve it. Checking in Thursday night will help with this. It also might make sense to have two crockpots going, perhaps starting them an hour or two apart, rather than putting two catering-size packages of mac & cheese into one crockpot.

We kept the room open until midnight (not counting a dinner break in there) which is probably longer than it needed to be open. On Friday evening I really didn't want to close up until that night's batch of mac & cheese was all gone. On Saturday night, when people drifted off to the dance and the other evening events, they didn't come back later. Next year we'll probably close at 10:00 pm. We certainly could use more time to clean up Saturday night at the end of it all.

To be continued...

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Helen Keeble, who was looking for Marshmallow Peeps and other treats. Photos posted recently:
WisCon 32 (May-2008)
Mother's Day at the Faire (11-May-2008)
Culture Day - Gamble House (01-Jun-2008)
LASFS/Aftermeetings part 322: Coral Cafe (06-Jun-2008)
Dad's Birthday Lunch (10-Jun-2008)
Allie & Glenn's Wedding (14-Jun-2008) et seq. (morning photos not previously uploaded)
Cosplay Picnic at Santa Monica Beach (15-Nov-2008)
Anime Los Angeles 5 meetings part 31: Exec, General Meeting (16-Nov-2008) et seq.
Indianapolis Trip (Nov-2008)
LosCon 35 (Nov-2008)
Picture of [livejournal.com profile] helen_keeble is from [livejournal.com profile] wiscon.

What happened, did I fall off a cliff? Not exactly. I think I owe y'all a recap of my fall and winter since my last installment. Let's pick up the story with Part 1 of my four-part PMX report. The post I made on [livejournal.com profile] animelosangeles doesn't count here, and for the most part I'm repeating everything I said there anyway. (Other installments: part 2, part 3, part 4.)

Pacific Media Expo was the first full weekend of November.

My Friday morning started out with a detour to pick up Selina. We had about ten people representing Anime Los Angeles over the course of the weekend... )

Selina Phanara and Lynn Baden, in their new goggles. [livejournal.com profile] library_lynn (left) was able to come out for part of the weekend! Hooray! My lovely wife doesn't make it to that many of the conventions on the circuit, because she works about three Saturdays a month. So on the whole, it was a weekend with some of my favorite people.

Lynn Baden, FER, and Matt Wells. The fine folks at PMX had given us a choice spot, on the side of Artists' Alley closest to the elevators (right). With our shiny new red tablecloth, we had an eyecatching location. The Downstairs Team spent the weekend there, giving away postcards, Shinbunshi (our newsletter), and temporary tattoos with [livejournal.com profile] le_moose's "Chibi Winking Ala" on them, granola bars, gummy worms, and bottles of water; and sold some silly ribbons to raise money for all the ribbons we give away for free at [livejournal.com profile] animelosangeles. Also they had some ribbons to give away freely as they wandered the convention, to add to the buzz. I'm thinking next year we'll have an ask-for-it-nicely ribbon -- if you say "May I please have an xyzzy ribbon" you'll get that one.

It's been pointed out that sometimes I'm ambiguously snarky, or even passive-aggressive, in my LJ posts. So let me state this plainly: I like Pacific Media Expo... )

If anyone's likely to invite Sam Bak Za, they can do it and not have it conflict with their charter.

Does PMX have problems? )

They're a small convention with big-convention connections. Oh, I'm green with envy on that front -- one of my set pieces has to do with "big conventions can do things little cons can't, and little conventions can do things big cons can't" and they're straddling both areas. (Do I need to add a caveat that "...and PMX can do everything?") Just as one example, they're bringing in Asian fashion designers you won't see at Animé Los Angeles or at Anime Expo. And they seem to be giving AX a run for their money as far as bringing in musical acts.

They're doing okay. I hear they had about 1400-plus people, and that they were up a little from last year. There's a great community of people that appreciate PMX for its unique aspects, especially regarding art and fashion. They're trying interactive events such as a Cowboy Bebop event, which reminds me a little of what Rum Party has been doing at other SoCal conventions. And [livejournal.com profile] tatsugawa is encouraging people to participate, to bring in more ideas. Anyone want to report on how PMX is using Facebook and Myspace?

To be continued...


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