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Crowd in Kansas City in 2016 party. Kansas City in 2016 pre-bid party at Loscon, November 2011.

We were the hit of the weekend.

Saturday afternoon fans were heard talking about going to the masquerade and the speakeasy. Some dealers reported customers buying things to wear for the occasion. One fan ([livejournal.com profile] trinsf) currently studying out of state made sure to pack the right dress for the flight here.

The party floor Saturday night was mostly "dry." I think we were the only party "pouring" while we were open. Which is ironic, because it's like the Prohibition era extended the entire length of the party floor, not just our suite. But that's Loscon for you.

Family portrait. Maria Rodriguez, Chaz Boston Baden and Lynn Baden. A word about our costumes. [livejournal.com profile] missmea made herself a Flapper-era dress, and styled a wig for a period hairstyle. She instructed me on my outfit, which consisted of plain black shoes (no fancy shoelaces), a new pair of paints with suspender buttons instead of belt loops, proper suspenders, a white dress shirt (without a ballpoint pen in the pocket), a vest (with penguins on it), no beard, no teddy bear ears, and slicked-down hair.

My favorite remark that she reported from three people who had made it past me at the door, and all the way to the bar, was the question "Where's Chaz?"

The password notice needs to be more obvious... and more notes about the party )
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Packed the cars. The Costume Repair Station kit and four cases of chibi water are in [livejournal.com profile] missmea's car, [livejournal.com profile] library_lynn has a half-full vehicle, and of course Licorice is full to the rafters.

We have two completely different parties to host Friday and Saturday. We're representing the proto-bids for New Orleans in 2018 and Kansas City in 2016. The food will be completely different, and you can tell which party you're at by whether you're looking at red beans and ice, or something on a stick. The decorations will change over, although both of them basically boil down to hanging up fabric on the walls.

The music should help set the stage, as the Saturday night party is a blast back to the 20s in our Speakeasy party, while the New Orleans party will have music from a wider span of time.

And the drinks -- frozen margaritas and other drinks like that, basically we have pitchers of stuff to pour over crushed ice (snow) on New Orleans night, then on Saturday night it's cocktails in teacups.

We're also trying to differentiate the non-alcoholic sodas -- so Friday is mostly a large range of fruit-flavor thing, then Saturday we just have classic sodas like Coca-Cola, root beer, ginger ale and cream soda.

We're also taking advantage of the fact that we have a two-room suite, and routing people through the "1728" end on the second night and using "1726" as an exit.

I'm hoping we end up being the hopping happening place both nights. We'll see. I'll try to take lots of pictures.


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