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You can only... A ribbon idea that might resonate for some of my friends who attend Loscon, Animé Los Angeles or Gallifrey One.
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Tiffany (Neo_Serenity) and Arianna Unciano study the menus. Photos online. And most of them have captions. Help me fill in the gaps!
LASFS/Aftermeetings part 354: Coral Cafe (18-Jun-2009) et seq.
LASFS/Aftermeetings part 356: Coral Cafe (25-Jun-2009) et seq.
Irvine Cosplay Picnic at Mason Park (20-Jun-2009)
Anaheim Gardenwalk and the Anaheim Marriott (21-Jun-2009)
Napmobile and a fenderbender (21-Jun-2009)
Anime Los Angeles 6 meetings part 2: Exec Dinner/Meeting (26-Jun-2009) et seq.
Anime Los Angeles 6 meetings part 6: General Meeting (27-Jun-2009) et seq.
Moving Melissa (28-Jun-2009)
Victoria's Picture Gallery: Anime Expo 2009: Saturday (04-Jul-2009)
Melissa and the Fan Gallery cases (11-Jul-2009)
Anaheim Marriott Tour (16-Jul-2009)
La Verne Cosplay Picnic at Las Flores Park (18-Jul-2009)
The picture of [livejournal.com profile] neo_serenity is from the exec dinner.

Losing my camera at Anime Expo really rocked me back... )

Oh, there's more going on than just my emotional state, of course. I've taken more photos since Anime Expo, but the photos in the queue have been on hold because of other non-photo, non-blog reasons. Family health issues and household management issues, and if I can be discarding and shredding old papers any of that comes before puttering around on my website.

I've just spent a few nights (in my copious free time) captioning some of the backlog. I think I've got to stop taking so many group photos -- they slow me down so much in the captioning phase!

I've been putting a few inconsequential updates on my facebook. Nothing major, but I wanted to repeat here the bigger items that I've mentioned there.

The Potluck Party Room at Costume College was a big success, so we'll do it again at PMX... )

Between now and PMX: I'll be at Tiki Oasis this weekend (just for fun), Anime Vegas (in a convention center), and a small anime convention at CSU Northridge. So PMX is the next opportunity to do any kind of hospitality beyond giving away granola bars and candy at our table.

For [livejournal.com profile] loscon, I'm hosting a Confirmation: Westercon 63 party. "Poofy dresses (especially white ones), shirt and tie, or school uniform" will be the dress code. We're toying with the idea of using a "Confirmitzvah" theme, stay tuned for that.

Some small convention news... )

I mentioned last month that I've purchased a new camera. I haven't found the "sports" setting yet, but I've started playing with the High ISO option for available light shots. You can see I've started posting the first crop of photos from the new camera.

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Hooray! The prodigal carts are returning!

In late February/mid-March, I was convinced that we'd lost some of the carts. The carts all have names - Ala, Alexander, Tuesday, Trixie, Nessie, Cookie, Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde. And Ala & Alexander, along with most of the others, were missing. Oh noes! They weren't at the clubhouse, they weren't in the Pod, the only ones that had been seen were Tuesday and Trixie, plus Clyde (I think) was used at Gallifrey One.

Well, a month later I got a message from Erica. "Chaz, are you ever going to get these carts from me?" And a week or so after that a message from Jarod. "Chaz, are you ever going to get these carts back from me?"

So. Jarod's coming over in about half an hour. And I'll meet up with Erica real soon now.

Gathering-wise: The SoCal Gathering (Long may it prosper) tomorrow marks the fifth year of the picnics -- they started in 2005. Impressive, yes? (See also other well-meant enterprises that haven't been able to manage five events in five years; the SoCal Gatherings add up to 7 or 8 in five years, I think.)

EDIT: Or perhaps it's 6 events in only four years, my source of information may have been wildly inaccurate.

In other news, I have two anonymous admirers who've come here from 4chan, and apparently are hanging on my every word. Hi guys! Introduce yourselves! One of them's a Roadrunner customer in SoCal, the other one's a PacBell DSL customer in or near Irvine, but they haven't been signing their submissions so I don't know much more than that. Well, that and they don't have a very high opinion of me.
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Photos now online: Maria Rodriguez.
Dinner with Christian and Melissa (15-Mar-2009)
Video Game Equipment (19-Mar-2009)
Meeting Masoud and Joey (15-Mar-2009)
LASFS/Aftermeetings part 340: Coral Cafe (19-Mar-2009) et seq.
Culture Day Spring 2009 part 1: Missed Some Dim Sum (21-Mar-2009) et seq.
Culture Day Spring 2009 part 3: FIDM Movie Costume Exhibit (21-Mar-2009) et seq.
Looking at L.A. Live (21-Mar-2009)
Dinner with Maria (21-Mar-2009) Part 1 et seq.
Wendy's 21st Birthday Party part 1: Jell-O Checkers (21-Mar-2009) et seq.
Storing Melissa's Boxes (22-Mar-2009)
The picture of [livejournal.com profile] missmea bartending is from the party.

Christian's ''L.A.con IV'' jacket. Another week. Last Sunday, [livejournal.com profile] ala_mokita came over and showed me the [livejournal.com profile] laconiv jacket. (left) It runs a little snug: I'll need a 3XL-T instead of a 2XL-T. This week we wrote out a check for the appropriate amount and mailed it off. We'll get one with Baden embroidered on it, so [livejournal.com profile] library_lynn and I can wear it.

Masoud Karkehabadi. That night, he and I met up with Masoud and Joey. Masoud was co-head of the Video Game Room for Anime Los Angeles 2-5... )

Joyce Hooper, Christian B. McGuire and Cathy. At Coral last week, Joyce showed us the Indiana hand sign for shark... )

Melissa De Mello and an enormous brownie sundae. A new addition to the Coral crowd is Melissa De Mello... )

Jon Bryson and Kelly Bryson. This past weekend was busier than usual. [livejournal.com profile] colleency had organized a Dim Sum trip at Empress Pavilion, and a trip to see the FIDM movie costume exhibit. There's one weekend left to see it and the exhibit (and parking) are free. Costumes from last year's crop of superhero movies, Speed Racer, Appaloosa, Elizabeth: The Golden Age, Benjamin Button, and more -- 22 movies in all -- are on display. They don't allow photography inside, so I just snapped a few pictures of the gang that showed up. (right)

As usually is the case, there were a lot of Colleen's "Culture Day" circle of friends and a few people that learned about it through Costumers Guild West.

Looking at the ''L.A. Live'' plaza area. Note big loud speakers, and the advertising screens. Non-stop obtrusive advertising. Not a lot of places to stop and sit, but given the environment you wouldn't really want to. After we left the exhibit, Shawn and Colleen headed into the Garment District to shop at Mike's Fabrics. I walked up to L.A. Live... )

My Jell-O shots in the kitchen. Saturday night was Wendy's 21st birthday party... )

Melissa's 7 boxes are in our storage unit. And the following morning, Melissa came over and we put some boxes into storage. Moving her stuff out of her house is part of her long-range plan to live somewhere non-toxic. (left)

Next: Sunday!

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Christian B. McGuire looks at the books. Photos now online:
A day with Sarah (15/16-Feb-2009)
Old Homestead, New Bookcases (22-Feb-2009)
Barney's Beanery with Tadao (22-Feb-2009)
LASFS/Aftermeetings part 337: Coral Cafe (26-Feb-2009) et seq.
The picture of [livejournal.com profile] ala_mokita with the books is from our late night at Coral Cafe.

Interlude: Two weeks between Gallifrey and ConDor.

Sarah, sleeping in. My parents brought back that very heavy wool blanket from China about two decades ago. Maybe two and a half. Picking up where we left off at the end of Galllifrey: [livejournal.com profile] summoner_lenne9 slept on our couch. (left) The plan was for her to go home Monday. When we got up it was still raining, and the Grapevine was closed. So we didn't want to send her on her way if she might not be able to make it over the hill.

Instead we took her to see a few of the sights... )

After our outing, we went to the house to learn whether the Grapevine was still closed. And to decide whether Sarah was going to take a bus, train, or if we'd drive her to Santa Clarita to take it from there, or some other combination of transportation options. An interesting development, though, was when we learned that the snow on the mountain meant that she couldn't get picked up at the Flying J in Lebec (Frazier Park exit). The roads up from there were too slushy and icy to risk.

So we had the option of waiting who-knows-how-many-days for the mountain roads to clear up; or figure out how to get her to Bakersfield... )

Three hours of driving, in stages, got me back home by early morning. My boss knew I'd be in late, as I'd texted him the night before. I actually got about seven hours of sleep before going to work, so it all worked out.

For the record, it should be clear that Lynn and I understood when we offered to host Sarah that there was an excellent chance that one or both of us would be getting up early, staying out late, or otherwise sacrificing a few hours of sleep somewhere along the line. It may have come as a surprise to her, but we knew it was a likelihood all the time.

We heard later that a number of people at the school were startled to see Sarah on Tuesday -- with the snow on the Grapevine, they weren't expecting she'd make it in.

The following weekend we took care of some business at our house and my parents'... )

Having dropped off a carload of boxed books, I now had room in the car to go pick up stuff. Lynn and I drove to [livejournal.com profile] lasfs to look for Animé Los Angeles materials that had been borrowed by Gallifrey, or had been delivered to the clubhouse after our convention.

I was expecting to find a bunch of our carts, such as Ala and Alexander. (The yellow one that belongs to the convention, and the beat-up purple one that belongs to me.) Cookie and Nessie (blue, green) are also still missing, as well as the light blue one that was going to be named after one of the Pac-Man ghosts. They weren't at the club. It's believed there aren't a lot of carts in the POD. Where are the other carts? (I still need to contact Pam and ask her what she knows...)

Tana Tharalson watches as Martin Young admires the new power strip. At my office, I have a four-foot long power strip, with 16 outlets on 2.5'' centers... )

Korinne Wilkening and Patrick Beckstead. Patrick Beckstead and his girlfriend "Patrick" (Korinne was wearing his sweatshirt with his name on it) were there, adorably sharing a milkshake. (right)

Darnell Coleman and his ''cousin'' Whisky (Warren Johnson). We noticed that Darnell Coleman and Whisky have surprisingly similar builds, facial structure, beards, et cetera. We hypothesized that they might be cousins. We dare not accuse them of being twins, because then they'd squabble over who got to be the Evil Twin. (left)

We should see if we can get them in matching flannel shirts, though...

Karl Lembke and Christian B. McGuire, sifting through the books. I brought that big box of books I mentioned. About the equivalent of six bankers boxes. I pulled some books out of the box, spread them on the table and let it be known that they were free for the taking. By the end of the frenzy, there was about one bankers box to take home. Here you see [livejournal.com profile] karl_lembke and Christian going through them at the end. (right)

There was even a mundane woman in the restaurant who stopped by on her way to the restrooms and picked a book or two to take.

I brought the few remaining books back home. The next day, I'd be going to ConDor, and there's a free book swap there that [livejournal.com profile] caprine oversees -- I'd put out the rest of them there.

Next: Party time at ConDor.

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Sarah Goldberg, in the dress she wore to her winter formal. Gallifrey One report part 4: Saturday Late Night, Sunday. (See also part 1, part 2, part 3.)

Late Saturday night, I went down to the foyer to see what was happening... )

Mike Stern and Michael Siladi. We saw plenty of "usual suspects" during the convention. Michael Siladi from [livejournal.com profile] baycon was on hand, for example (left).

Alison Stern at breakfast. We ended up having breakfast with him and Alison (right). Not by appointment, it just turned out that we were all in the restaurant at the same time together.

Melissa De Mello. We wouldn't ordinarily have all trooped down to the restaurant for breakfast at all -- that's why we'd purchased breakfast food on Friday -- but we really needed to make sure that Melissa got some food... )

Lynn and I made it back to the convention in the afternoon. This is when I found out that the article that I'd submitted to the program book didn't make it in... )

Maria Rodriguez, dressed as a shopgirl in the '60s working with Martha. Maria didn't have a specific Doctor Who costume on Sunday. She wore a 1960s dress that could have been worn by a shopgirl working next to Martha in one of the episodes that has Martha working in a shop back then. (right)

Patty Engel with knitted Dalek, Adipose, 20-foot scarf and Pixy Stix. One of the people I hadn't expected to see was [livejournal.com profile] aramina who agreed that it's an odd feeling to go to a convention where you don't have any particular responsibilities. (left)

Patty had a great time at the convention, having picked up an "Adipose" stuffed animal in the dealers room, and a knitted Dalek and a 20-foot scarf in the charity auction. She ran out of money before she ran out of interest.

Sarah Goldberg. At the end of the convention, we went for dinner at Cozymel's -- which won't surprise many people here who've noticed that's where I often end up after a rendezvous in the LAX area, either that or Dinah's -- before heading home. Lynn and Sarah both enjoyed Virgin Strawberry Margaritas. (right)

Sarah Goldberg, catching up on her e-mail and LiveJournal. There was snow on the Grapevine, and we'd agreed to host Sarah for the Monday holiday. We put Sarah up on the couch (and let her borrow Lynn's laptop to catch up on her internet world) and decided we'd figure out what to do next in the morning. (left)

This concludes my Gallifrey coverage. After a brief interlude I'll tell you all about ConDor...

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Gallifrey One report part 3: Saturday. (See also part 1, part 2, and part 4.)

Maria Rodriguez as ''Captain Jack Harkness.'' On Saturday, [livejournal.com profile] missmea dressed as "Captain Jack Harkness," so she could flirt with anything that moved. (I don't know if she ended up flirting with the Dalek.)

Catherine the Great had given me a welcome-gift when we checked in: bottle of red wine, fruit and cheese plate. It wasn't my convention, so I wasn't prepared for a round of gift-exchanging, but I did give her a tangerine for each day.

Christian B. McGuire, holding purple fuzzy toe socks he bought for Lynn. Saturday afternoon I had a meeting scheduled... )

Then Christian and I wandered down to the Strategicon: Orccon gaming convention... )

Sheraton Gateway Los Angeles Airport, exterior. Christian wanted to look at the function space in the Sheraton Gateway... )

On the way back, we learned that the gang was getting ready to have dinner. Christian and I met them at the hotel, we got the cars out of the parking lot and drove/walked to dinner and we all drove back, or home in Christian's case.

Valentina Bauer-Landes. Meanwhile, at the hotel, people were lining up for the Masquerade... )

Caroline Symcox, Paul Cornell. After the Masquerade Halftime and the Awards, Toby Hadoke did his one-man show Moths Ate My Doctor Who Scarf. Paul Cornell (left) and Toby had both complimented me earlier on the work I'd done on the postcards. Toby quipped that he finally got an "and" credit. "... and TOBY HADOKE performing his play MOTHS ATE MY DOCTOR WHO SCARF" was how I'd ended the list of guests on the postcards.

Johanna Mead. I'd been trying to reach [livejournal.com profile] fangrrl_squees all weekend. She looked fried Friday night, and frantic Saturday evening. She was helping with the Masquerade, and making things happen -- she'll be running the Masquerade next year. By the time the Masquerade was over for the night and she'd had some time to decompress, she was back to her chipper self. (right)

One wacky thing that happened Saturday night was a group of fans running around and into/out of the Pass-Through Tardis... )

Maria Rodriguez as ''Lucy Saxon.'' That evening, Maria was wearing a slinky red dress as "Lucy Saxon." Complete with subtle black eye makeup -- some people didn't notice, some people saw it and immediately were ready to beat up whoever she'd already put in the hospital. No, no, it goes with the character. It's rare for the character to smile, but you'll notice she's holding a surprise for her husband. When Maria walked by late that night, I heard Dan Sandifer mention that red was now his favorite color... (right)

Next: Late night, Sunday and home.

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Gallifrey One report part 2: Friday Evening. (See also part 1, part 3, and part 4.)

Things I learned Friday: Dan Sandifer loves the new pipe and drape.

Steve's Dalek menacing Maria Rodriguez and Joyce Hooper. I promised you the Dalek moves: Indeed, it does. When Steve got back from checking into his room, he popped inside and demonstrated its powers (especially its attachments) to [livejournal.com profile] missmea and Joyce. (left)

If you've read Maria's Gallifrey report, you may come away with the impression that she wore costumes all weekend. This is not quite accurate. She started out in a polka-dot dress on Friday.

Friday was definitely Toga Day at Gallifrey. The convention's gala was called ''Fires of Pompeii''... )

Brian Rubin, Maria Rodriguez, Melissa De Mello and Sarah Goldberg at the Dollhouse viewing party. Friday was also the night the first episode of Dollhouse aired. So there was a small Dollhouse viewing party in our room. (Not shown: Lynn, Ed Hooper, on the other bed.) Melissa arrived at the hotel just as the show was about to start, and watched the first bit with everyone else. At the first commercial I asked her: shall we get you dinner, or watch the rest of the show first? We rode out and did a little shopping as well as getting some burgers at In-N-Out.

Cathy Beckstead with the mic ears. We cleared it with [livejournal.com profile] nitroace (right) in the Karaoke room: Maria would be inside the Dalek, and would come in and perform a song... )

Maria Rodriguez and Melissa De Mello. Maria got out of the Dalek, and spent the rest of her evening terrorizing the convention in other ways.

Maria Rodriguez as ''Mary,'' the first evil lesbian from Torchwood episode 1x07; and Sarah Goldberg in polka dots. With a blonde wig, Maria was dressed as "Mary," the First Evil Lesbian from Torchwood ep 1x07. One or two people remarked on her resemblance to her mother, and how it's more apparent with the blonde hair. (right)

Sarah is wearing a polka dot "dress" (actually top and skirt, bought separately, on different days from different stores) with her pink "Tonks" wig. She was asked, by a befuddled drunken Whovian or two, "what character are you dressed as?"

Phil Collinson and Kevin Roche, serving drinks at the Porta Aurea ''It's Volcano Day'' toga party. Then it was time to go to Toga Party #2, the Volcano Day party at the Porta Aurea Bar... )

Kevin Roche and Devin Johnson. As the evening wore on, the drinking in the Karaoke Room and the Toga Party continued, and some people became quite soppy indeed. Sarah was working Ops, and as part of her job duties as a rover spent a good portion of the evening laughing at the drunks. I said good-night to everyone, and went to bed.

Next: Saturday at Gallifrey

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Gallifrey One report part 1: Friday Afternoon. (See also part 2, part 3, and part 4.)

I don't usually attend Gallifrey. I'd given [livejournal.com profile] fairegoddess and [livejournal.com profile] summoner_lenne9 memberships, and then a combination of factors including [livejournal.com profile] missmea wanting to go led to [livejournal.com profile] library_lynn and I deciding to book a room and attend. And, incidentally, making sure that our family and friends had a place to stay.

I'm just barely a Gallifrey One staffer: I served as the Postcard Maven for three years... )

I also volunteered to print some jumbo posters on Bertha. )

Los Angeles Airport Marriott valet drop-off. It's raining, so I'm not going out for a big exterior shot right now. Friday morning, Lynn and I left a little late, and stopped at Trader Joe's in Cerritos for some snacks to keep in the hotel room. She bought these big chocolate chip chocolate mini-bundt cakes for "breakfast food," and some rolls and fruit and so forth. We didn't get to the hotel until just before 1:00 pm. (In the rain.) But that's the beauty of not having any at-convention responsibilities -- it doesn't matter when we show up.

Lynn Baden and Sarah Goldberg. As one might imagine, Sarah was the first person we ran into. She came down off the mountain, just as a big winter storm came to town. (left)

We had promised her that, rather than try to get back up on Sunday (which might not work if the Grapevine was closed due to the snow expected), she could stay over at our house and we'd make sure that she got home at the end of it all.

Melissa and Maria would be arriving on their own at some point. Lindsay wasn't going to be joining us after all, so we'd only have five in our room instead of six.

Stephen Roberts and the first bellcart full of Dalek parts for Steve's Dalek. We weren't really sure what we'd be doing to pass the time Friday afternoon, but half an hour after we arrived we found out: We'd watch Stephen Roberts bring a Dalek to life... )

Jim Vowles. While sitting around at one of the fan tables, putting tape on the posters, a few people found me, such as [livejournal.com profile] jvowles of Otakon who waggled his Sonic Screwdriver at me. (left)

Patrick Beckstead, Aimee Hoff, Korinne Wilkening. Horizon Chaser is handing out an ''I know WHO he is'' ribbon to someone off to one side of the picture It may come as no surprise that I'd handled the ribbons for a few fans at the convention. One such fan was "Horizon Chaser," who handed out a ribbon to anyone who knew who Horizon Chaser is. Here you can see one of those yellow ribbons ("I know WHO he is") being handed out. (right)

When the time came for me to help Steve with a tricky hinge, I handed my spare camera to Lynn so she could shoot some of the action-packed excitement... )

But my weekend wasn't going to revolve around the Dalek. I had a few things I wanted to do. I wanted to see if we could get the various guests and program participants on the postcard mailing list. I'd sent in an article to be printed in the program book about the postcard mailing list and the art contest, and I wanted to have flyers about the postcard project in the green room for when the guests checked in.

The problem with this scheme was that I really needed to have the flyers ready before the guests started showing up -- getting to the convention an hour or two after the panels started meant I'd missed a chance to build up a lot of momentum, and I hadn't talked to Suze and made sure she was fully on board with the project. I put a few signs up in the Green Room, which was one room used for Program Ops and Green Room Hospitality and even Staff Lounge, and I hoped for the best.

Ninja Kitty of Doom. I had a few other errands to deal with. I had (almost) all of the leftover Gallifrey postcards, and I wanted to park them on a freebie table in the Pass-Through Lounge.

I also had a very large number of AniZona postcards to dispose of. Lucky for me, I ran into Ninja Kitty of Doom, who has some important job with AniZona and took them off my hands. Hooray! (left)

Next: The Dalek moves!

Yes, I'm in Indiana this week. Saturday I'll be at the Cosplay Potluck Picnic in Bakersfield, though. Look for me there...

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Interlude: Mid-January to mid-February.

The other highlight of January was when the Baden clan got together to celebrate Christmas... )

Dinner tonight has a Mexican theme. Anyhow, dinner had everything split into separate dishes. Some non-marinated chicken was cooked up, so that Lynn could have some; lots of vegan options, so that Thomas wouldn't starve; and so forth. Tortillas to wrap up everyone's customized tacos. And everything was delicious. (right)

Elaine Baden, Wil Baden, Jocelyn Baden and Dorothy Bullard. We were invited to come back the following day, for some hanging out and socializing and a nice Sunday Brunch. Same deal, lots of dishes -- crispy bacon, fruit salad, and so forth. And an Apple Brown Betty. Which we decided was better nicknamed an Apple Pie Pizza. Yum! I've decided I want the recipe. Many of you already know I'm a fan of the baked apple pancakes at Dinah's; this is like that, only more so.

Dan Newman, at Red Robin in San Dimas. And then, the following week, I met up with an old friend from middle school. Dan Newman's a genius; after he got his Ph.D. in mathematics, he started a little company that invented the "MIME" standard. (His name's not on the RFC because he didn't want to feel guilty when he ignored people writing to him about it.) If you've sent or received e-mail with attachments, you're using MIME -- you've got my old friend Dan to thank. (right)

Dan lives up on Mt. Baldy, in a small mountain town, and commutes into Claremont. His daughters (7 1/2 and 9 1/2) sometimes have to miss school for snow days, like certain people on my FL.

Robbie Bourget. As some of you know, for the past three years I've helped the Doctor Who convention Gallifrey One with their publcity postcards... )

In the intervening week, a couple of things happened: Shirt and tie, Professor Grindlewald and Urban Fantasy... )

Next: Gallifrey One! Togas, Daleks, and an Evil Lesbian!

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My Animé Los Angeles report, part 6: Sunday. (See also part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, and part 7.)

Fred Ladd had originally been one of my picks for a Guest of Honor to tie in with Old School Day... )

Sunday also marked the debut of our ''Your Next Convention'' mini program track... )

Rob Miles is in charge of "Stage Zero" at FanimeCon, and he's offered us a half-hour timeslot to talk up [livejournal.com profile] animelosangeles. What shall we do? Will it be at 9:00 am on the last morning of the convention?

Sunday afternoon was the ''Walking Free'' Fashion Show... )

There was a lot of interest in next year's Fashion Show, especially for having it earlier in the weekend. It'll be either Friday or Saturday next year, depending on what Tech and Events work out.

Our Editor Guest of Honor, Zac Bertschy, was only able to attend on Sunday... )

Feedback/Gripe Session, in the timeslot before Closing Ceremonies, was relatively painless. Suggestions included positioning signs so from the foyer you can look down the hall and see where the doors to Artists' Alley, Dealers, LP1, LP2, and so forth are. It was pointed out that the hotel has removed the signs hanging from the ceiling that used to say Salon A and Suite 1 etc, so it's even harder to find things. Another suggestion was to add a map of the facility to the BADGE ZONE signs, with a YOU ARE HERE dot. Many compliments, lots of people liked the costume-eating escalator sign and the big posters we had everywhere (mostly of Kevin Lillard's photos). We should have announced at Gripe to go get your poster now -- many were torn down once Closing started. (I may owe people a few reprints.) Suggestion for next year: post photos from the past five Animé Los Angeleses (Animé Los Angeli?). As well as Jessica's art.

Next: After it's all over

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My Animé Los Angeles report, part 5: Saturday. (See also part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 6, and part 7.)

Day Two is the big day at most three-day conventions, and Anime Los Angeles was no exception... )

We were concerned that we wouldn't have enough seats for the Masquerade. As it turns out, of our 2851 total members, 386 were one-day Fridays, one-day Sundays, or other members who didn't pick up their badge until Sunday, so we only had 2465 members on site Saturday. ("Only!") Nobody was turned away from Registration, and nobody was turned away from the Masquerade hall -- we still had seats at showtime. Which surprises me, even with the lower numbers, because my usual 40% rule of thumb would mean we'd have been Standing Room Only.

There were five principal complaints about the Masquerade... )

Two very minor Masquerade issues, from my point of view, would be from people who didn't read and understand the rules... )

And then there was music. We scheduled a band for "after the Masquerade" intending for the Masquerade to feed into the live music, which would feed into the karaoke and the dance. Didn't we learn last year not to schedule anything that relies on a hard and fast ending time for Masquerade? Anyhow, that didn't work out as well as we wanted...

Saturday was also a big day for some behind-the-scenes things. We had one person in a position of responsibility who had so much pain and Real Life hit them that they ended up stepping back from their position and letting their second take charge. We had an issue with someone else getting annoyed bcause they couldn't get food when they needed it. I take this quite seriously (I call it the [livejournal.com profile] collency rule) -- next year one of the things I want us to have is a self-service PB&J station in the Staff Lounge, so people who stop by between meals can get something even if the soup or the jambalaya aren't ready. And next year, I want to get some of the jambalaya myself -- I missed it this time. (My own fault.)

One of the rare sought-after ribbons at the convention was drama drama drama DUCK - Prima donna Platypus which really means "Witness to undue drama." Thankfully only a few of those were earned this year, and there was a minimum of sticky situations spilling out into the halls.

Something that blew up, which is entirely my fault, was a situation with the Scavenger Hunt. In future, if the Scavenger Hunt cites ribbons in any way, it'll be explicitly "take a picture of someone not on your team wearing the ribbon" or something like, because we don't need a hundred scavengers all badgering people for ribbons simultaenously. And while before the convention it seemed pretty safe to have "Take a picture of the Chair" on the list, during the con it turned out that the Scavenger Hunt was right in the middle of a very sticky situation and it was not a good time to find me.

Both of these were my fault, as Sabrina had specifically cleared them with me ahead of time. Very bad judgement on my part. Next time, I'm going to ask that the Scavenger Hunt List be approved by the Division Heads -- so that people with more common sense than I have a chance to look it over.

España Sheriff, Leigh Ann Hildebrand, Julia Ha, and Jeanne Goldfein. And discussion of Saturday would hardly be complete without explaining the Fanzine Lounge. But can it be explained? [livejournal.com profile] trinsf and [livejournal.com profile] cmdrsuzdal came down to [livejournal.com profile] animelosangeles intending to pull off a first -- a Fanzine Lounge at an anime convention. A fanzine lounge, as Leigh Ann and España have explained to me, is basically a hospitality lounging space like a con suite but without the food and the crowding. (right)

A pleasant place to hang out and talk about this and that. (I talked about this in my Loscon coverage.) [livejournal.com profile] ala_mokita had talked Leigh Ann and Espña into going along with the idea, and the room behind Information was transformed. Slightly. It had been set up as a lounge for Volunteers, but was underused. The addition of a table for fanzines to read and borrow, and free ones to take, and signs on the wall, was all they needed to transform the room.

Patty Engel, Richard Foss and Leigh Ann Hildebrand, in the Fanzine Lounge. The funny thing is, it was a hit. People wanted to hang out there and talk. Leigh Ann and España could walk away and metaphorically close their eyes, and it would still exist. Richard Foss explained how the "Historical Swords and Demo" went over, which was five or ten minutes of deadpan physical humor followed by an interview with Tadao. (left)

For a while it was my default location, but it didn't need me there to be a happening place. I'm afraid I didn't take any pictures to prove that, but just take my word on this... We're going to see if we can find a better place for the official Fanzine/Doujinshi Lounge next year.

To be continued...

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Maria Rodriguez as ''Mary,'' the first evil lesbian from Torchwood episode 1x07; and Sarah Goldberg in polka dots.

By the way: photos now online from Gallifrey 2009, such as the photo here of [livejournal.com profile] missmea and [livejournal.com profile] summoner_lenne9.

My Animé Los Angeles report, part 4: Friday afternoon and evening. (See also part 1, part 2, part 3, part 5, part 6, and part 7.)

Lots of things went off without a hitch. I didn't hear of any issues with Cosplay Chess, apart from a miscommunication about the ribbon colors. Having it outside meant it was very cold -- winter by the ocean, and all that -- but the balconies overlooking the pool deck meant that there were lots of good vantage points. I understand that white and black were evenly matched -- every piece took every other piece, until the white and black kings did Rock-Scissors-Paper to end the stalemate.

Someone, Airyu, and Emma McCarthy. One thing that I really goofed on was the badge design... )

The main event Friday night was the AMV Contest. One of our rules is that you must be a member of the convention, or a member of the convention must act as your agent, in order to win -- the AMV Contest is something the members are participating in, it's not a mail-in contest. (We may have relaxed things to the point that someone with a Saturday-only membership, or who had a full pre-registered membership but wasn't arriving until Saturday would be eligible.)

Friday night we also had the Rum Party, and Karaoke, and the Dance. This was the first year for [livejournal.com profile] animelosangeles at this hotel, and we had a few hiccups getting the hotel resumé written. The resumé is our instructions to the hotel -- we want this room set up with chairs and tables thusly, and then rearranged with tables along the walls and a riser (stage) at one end, and so forth.

More than you needed to know about the hotel resume... )

Christian had ordered more glowsticks to hand out at all of the dances. We were, umm, a little tardy in getting them out Friday night. Perhaps not at all. Christian takes some delight (sorry) in being there for when they're handed out. Should we have a contingency plan for nights when Christian's busy during the dance? And that reminds me that I have some blue blinky lights (magnetic earrings) in my desk drawer. Maybe I should bring those with me places. Or give them to friends who would appreciate that sort of thing.

Next: Saturday!

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My Animé Los Angeles report, part 3: Friday, through Opening Ceremonies. (See also part 1, part 2, part 4, part 5, part 6, and part 7.)

The Autographs, Photography Studio and Cosplay Gatherings ran smoothly, mostly... )

Artists' Alley went smoothly as well... )

''Pass-through Lounge.'' Last year at Gallifrey One, in the same hotel, they had two rooms set up as the Pass-Through Lounge... )

Marianne Miller. Opening Ceremonies, featuring Marianne Miller... )

Mostly it's a chance to introduce the Guests of Honor, to get everyone started on the convention, and to explain that Tadao will be doing the talking so I don't have to. "See you at Feedback and Closing Ceremonies on Sunday. Bye!"

After Opening Ceremonies, a few people wanted to interview me. A lady from Colombia, and two people with a video camera, didn't catch what they were doing. They filmed me answering the Colombian lady's questions before they asked their own. I think that the timeslot after Opening Ceremonies is perfect for this kind of thing -- I'll have to plan it that way next time. I'd told someone else that the best time to find me would probably be late afternoon Saturday; I now think that the post-Opening timeslot is even better. In any event, another shoutout to [livejournal.com profile] magi_sammy for helping me prepare for that day as well as later in the convention when a Japanese television station interviewed me.

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Did anyone leave some kind of crocheted baby dress (or something) in our car during [livejournal.com profile] animelosangeles? [livejournal.com profile] library_lynn and I can't figure out where it came from...

Tadao Tomomatsu. Photos now online:
Mom leaves the convalescent hospital (03-Feb-2007) New 10-Feb-2009
Our wedding quilt Dorothy made (14-Sep-2007) New 10-Feb-2009
Benches part 4: The Box Instructions (04-Oct-2007) New 10-Feb-2009
Cooler parts needed (12-Oct-2007) New 10-Feb-2009
Maria tries to sit in a chair (31-Oct-2007) New 10-Feb-2009
Jim stops by (04-Nov-2007) New 10-Feb-2009
LASFS/Aftermeetings part 303: Coral Cafe (27-Dec-2007) New 10-Feb-2009
Ribbon rosettes received (27-Dec-2007) New 10-Feb-2009
Candy and Soda portraits part 1 (28-Feb-2008) et seq. New 10-Feb-2009
Anime Los Angeles 5 meetings part 11: Newsletter Computer (08-Jun-2008) New 10-Feb-2009
Anime Los Angeles 5 meetings part 40: Picking up Lindsay (09-Jan-2009) New 10-Feb-2009
Christmas 2008 part 3: Dinner and Gifts at Dorothy and Bob's (24-Jan-2009) et seq. New 10-Feb-2009
Christmas 2008 part 10: Sunday Brunch (25-Jan-2009) et seq. New 10-Feb-2009
Dinner with Dan (29-Jan-2009) New 10-Feb-2009
Gallifrey 2009: Pre-convention Meeting (08-Feb-2009) New 10-Feb-2009

As you can see, I've been posting a lot of flotsam and miscellaneous short batches... The picture of [livejournal.com profile] friendlypinet is from the committee meeting last weekend for the [livejournal.com profile] doctorwho convention Gallifrey One next weekend.

Trying to catch up with November. We went to [livejournal.com profile] loscon. Here's part 1 of my Loscon 35 report. (Other sections: part 2, part 3.)

Scalzi - Bacon - Cats - YUM! You don't have to have been paying attention that much to know that "we" means myself, [livejournal.com profile] library_lynn and [livejournal.com profile] missmea. Not counting [livejournal.com profile] animelosangeles, Loscon is our "home convention." If we only go to one convention a year, it'll be Loscon. Some people can't go to Loscon because it's on a big family-holiday weekend and they've got family they need to be with; some people like going to Loscon because it lets them get away from the family they don't want to spend the whole weekend with; some people (like myself) bring their families; and for some people, the "family" they care about are their large circle of friends who also make Loscon their home convention.

While I've been to five Animé Los Angeles conventions, and nine or ten Worldcons, and an assortment of others, Loscon is the one I've been attending consistently the longest.

From the profound to the absurd I used to be a productive staff person at Loscon, a department head running something or other. Lately, I've just been coasting -- I'm an ordinary member, and some years I'll pull enough of my weight to get a pass-on to the next year. Of course, this year I had a ready excuse: I was representing Animé Los Angeles.

The co-chairs (Cathy Beckstead and Joyce Hooper) and I had worked out an arrangement... )

To be continued. Next: More about badge ribbons.

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I mentioned that the Con Suite operation came as a last-minute thing. In fact, I got the call from [livejournal.com profile] ala_mokita when I was eating dinner in Crescent Springs, Kentucky, about three-five days before the con. I wasn't able to pull together signage and so forth, which is a shame. We could have printed them out jumbo size and posted them downstairs and on the party floor, to tell people there was a reason to come to the top of the building. I was just too tired from my trip with the back-to-back conventions to deal with that on top of unpacking and re-packing.

I suppose I should make it clear that I'm not complaining about how things turned out. We were able to do [livejournal.com profile] loscon a favor, and our [livejournal.com profile] animelosangeles Con Suite people got one last training exercise. And trading favors back and forth is helpful for both conventions. We're hoping to borrow Loscon's Con Suite equipment, for example.

I think I've mentioned about the Costume College connections. A couple more Costume College people signed up to help with Animé Los Angeles's Costume Repair Station. [livejournal.com profile] missmea suggests we should have ribbons for the Costume Repair Station to hand out. Right now I'm leaning towards one that simply says "Saved by the Costume Repair Station" but I'm open to suggestions. Speaking of Maria, her new business cards have arrived. They've got her new website address (because the old domain expired and was sniped away from us) and on the back is a color photo of her in something she's made. (The gold dress she wore Saturday night at Costume College.)

Business cards. The "California Bill-Splitting Cards" (with tax and tip already figured out) were well-received by those who noticed them. At dinner Saturday night, the restaurant charged us for one more soft drink than we expected (I think), so we were 56 cents short of the standard gratuity calculated for large parties. Rather than confirm that and thrash it out, I just threw in another dollar and called it a day. I'm glad the cards are drawn up for 30% over. The one thing I want to remember for next time is to have a dollar or two worth of quarters to make change. (The numbers on the cards are rounded off to the nearest quarter.)

And as for publications -- Loscon's program book had our full page ad for Animé Los Angeles, on page 35. We'll want to have some kind of Loscon 35 ad in our program book, in exchange.

In my previous post I mentioned Nadine's help with the postcards. The Gallifrey One postcards are spiffy and purple, and the new postcard website is up and running. There's a fill-in form where people can request Gallifrey One or Animé Los Angeles postcards. We've had about six or a dozen [livejournal.com profile] doctorwho fans ask for cards -- including one in Jamaica, who also wants a few of the Animé Los Angeles cards. So they're getting out into the world, with a little bit of cross-pollination going on in the process.

More later. I've typed in everything from my notes, by the way, so there are captions on all the photos I have data for.


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