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Monday, last day of the convention, part 1 of 2.

My left foot started swelling up again by Monday. We went back to taping it up with the compression bandage. On my way to the Exhibition Centre I saw an official red van go by. It wasn't fire, or ambulance; it was marked Royal Mail.

People I saw and photographed on Monday included: Justin Ackroyd, Fatima Ahad, Alison Barton... )

I took a bottle of Whalers Rum over to the Fan Lounge for the Plokta Cabal. Mike Scott accepted it on behalf of the group; [livejournal.com profile] miramon and Giulia de Cesare drove up, so they'll be the ones to take it back. It's my "bottle of comment" and should keep me on the mailing list for a while even if I wasn't pubbing A BEAR WENT OVER THE MOUNTAIN. I pointed out to Mike that it wasn't a dark brown bottle, the glass itself is clear -- the rum itself is so dark that you can't see through the bottle.

While in the Fan Lounge, I saw they'd put up a sign... )

Sandra Coleman from Elastic Press wants her own set of fuzzy ears. I got her e-mail address, and told her I'd talk to the Yaoi-Con people about ears that might match her strawberry blonde/red hair.

When I got to the NESFA Press table, Seth Breidbart came up to me, and just kind of breathed heavily. Not even a full-strength sigh. I said to him, "Scratch asked you to talk to me, didn't he" and Seth said, "I didn't say anything, did I?" He neither confirmed nor denied my guess. But it did seem like an expressive sigh to me.
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Saturday, part 2 of 3. (See Part 1 to start at the beginning of this report.)

Susan de Guardiola wants a copy of A BEAR WENT OVER THE MOUNTAIN #1. Several other people came up to tell me they'd RAE the ish I'd sent, and asked to be on the list for #3, including....

I met Ela Gepfert from Kotowice, Poland, and another Polish fan, Piotr Cholewa showed up at the same time. Later I asked another Polish fan who the movers and shakers in Polish fandom were, and they immediately said that Piotr Cholewa and Ela Gepfert were the ones to catch. So if we decide to add them to the Fan Gallery, I've got the pictures already in the bag. (Just need to chase bios and caption data...)

It turns out that, while we'd told photographers to check in at the photography area in Argyle 3 (Argyll?) at 18:00, there was actually a panel in there 'till 19:00. Six o'clock was also when we were going to make the final go/no-go decision, if it was raining heavily; it was bright and sunny, and stayed clear and not windy all evening, so we were definitely going through with bringing the costumers out the back loading dock, across to the Moat House, and into Argyll 3.

Nojay and henchmen were setting up the lights and backdrop in the back of the room while the panel went on, and I sat outside telling the prompter photographers to come back at 19:30. I was getting antsy, though, because [livejournal.com profile] library_lynn hadn't returned yet, and I had wanted to change for the evening. Allan MacBain, who had volunteered to help me with fan photography with anything I needed, came by, and at 18:30 we decided to let the sign on the door explain the 19:30 schedule time, and go off and try to get things done.

With Allan's phone, we looked up Number 36 St. Vincent Crescent, and I called Julie (our landlady). She was shopping, but would be home in ten minutes. Allan took me to Safeway (apparently Safeway U.K. used to be a corporate cousin to the American Safeway/Vons outfit), and we bought two kinds of fruit juice blends. (If I'd been paying attention I would have noticed both included raspberry juice, but I didn't catch that...) We returned to Number 36, Julie let us in, we went down to our room. Lynn was up -- she'd been zonked out all this time -- and I put on a pair of long pants and we headed back to the Moat House.

At Argyll 3, the lights and backdrop were about ready, and photographers had started to arrive. I started checking them off the master list (we had 30 slots filled), and issued them my own ribbon -- now they'd all have both the official convention-issued brown "Event Photographer" ribbon, and my off-white unofficial "Unofficial Photographer" ribbon which signified that they'd talked to me. People took seats, some people arrived who weren't on the list and we set up a "waiting list" row for them, four rows back from the line, so they could figure out where they wanted to jockey for a position to shoot over someone else's shoulder who'd signed up in advance.

When Nojay was trying to get the backdrop up, and later taken down, Vlatko Juric-Kokic was a great help because of his height. Notes for next time: A wider backdrop would have been very helpful, to allow photographers who were shooting at an angle from the left or right side to get a shot with all backdrop behind the subject. We compensated on a few of the entries by asking them to take a step to the left or to the right of center, but it would have been better if we'd had a backdrop twice as wide. Failing that, taking giant sheets of paper and taping them over the mirrors and reflective shiny surfaces next to the backdrop would have been a good idea, because the floodlights showed up in them throwing off the exposures. Also, a personal note, available-light photography doesn't work for me if I can't steady the camera; even with the light we had, my camera wasn't happy.
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Fanzine update: A BEAR WENT OVER THE MOUNTAIN #2, with my con reports for Noreascon 4, and abbreviated reports on Coppercon, Ani-Magic, Yaoi-Con, Loscon, and Animé Los Angeles, has been mailed to a lot of the people who were mentioned in it, but there are still a few left on my list that I don't have addresses for.

At this time I'm looking for addresses (snail so I can mail them the fanzine, or e-mail so I can ask them their snail mailing address) for:

Pam Adams
F L Ahsh
Karen Boyd
Dawn Grigsby
Urban Gunnarson
Ann Marie Jackowski
Robin Johnson (Australia)
Robert Levin
Gregg Lubic
Keith Lynch
Mark McNary (from issue #1)
Marnie Maskell
Edouard Mesert
Gian-Paolo Musemeci
Thomas Recktenwald
Susan Robinson
Eric P. Scott
Harold Stein
Charley & Marsy Sumner

... and does anyone know who was in charge of The Luggage at N4?


EDIT: some addresses came in, so I've shortened the list.
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The Gina Loscon 31 pictures are online. Click on [livejournal.com profile] shipofools999 to see them. Gina is sitting on a farm-style wagon I borrowed from my neighbor. It was a great help for loading the truck at the end of the convention, because they could pile up half a dozen or so art show flats or more, and one person could haul them down the corridors to the truck with ease. Or as Gina put it, "Chaz has the best toys."

[Obi-Shawn] Pictures are also online from the Loscon 30 wrap-up meeting last year; Bill and Anne's Partysaurus Party that night; Shawn Crosby's Rebel flight suit costume from Halloween (shown at left); Thanksgiving Dinner at my sister's house; the last pictures ever taken of our 1997 Honda Civic (taken at the impound yard after the accident that totalled it).

Kristi Smart Picture Gallery news: I finally wrote my "pixrot" program, to take care of pictures that didn't get turned right-side up on my laptop. In this example, Kristi Smart is standing with some of the merchandise she sells at conventions. What does this mean for you? Not much, of course. Everything looks the same. The principal difference you'd see is that the high-resolution image (i.e. the original raw image from the camera) isn't rotated. I'm working towards eventually migrating from a Windows laptop for collecting my photos, to a Powerbook; this is part of that project. Plus it means that if I upload a picture that should have been rotated before uploading, I can correct it online instead of having to fix it on the laptop and re-upload.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears At Loscon, [livejournal.com profile] library_lynn and I posed for a photo with my parents. Since Mom and Dad have their own silverback bear ears, and Lynn's hair is a dark blonde, the group photo was dubbed "Goldilocks and the Three Bears." Of course, the classic Goldilocks look doesn't call for a pair of fuzzy ears purchased from the [livejournal.com profile] yaoicon people...

Incidentally, speaking of bears, I'm working on A BEAR WENT OVER THE MOUNTAIN #2. I've got a few articles to finish writing, some polishing and editing, and a whole bunch of printing. I don't think I'll be abusing Elizabeth and Jerome's color laser printer for this issue. I'm working on a Corflu deadline. I'm trying to show that I can still get a fanzine out even with the other demands on my time, and I think it'll all come together just under the wire. I reprinted a few more copies of #1, so if you'd like one please let me know. (Or if you're in the UK, tell [livejournal.com profile] drplokta -- he should still have a few extra copies from the box I mailed him.)


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