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How's this sound for our sign? One line, short and sweet.

"DIME TOSS - Aim for your prize!"

Explanation: We went to the Orange County Fair. Had some delicious corn dogs. The midway was operated by "Ray Carrack Shows" and they have no Dime Toss. What they have instead is a coin toss (quarters) and they have a huge flat table with little "rainbows" painted on them. Land on the red, the yellow, or the blue, and you get particular prize levels.

Boring. In fact, of all of the games they have, it is the plainest of arrangements. No buckets, no balls in the air, no aiming of squirt guns, no obstacles... Just one huge flat table with painted markings. (All of the prizes, including huge "Minion" dolls, are hanging from the rafters.)

So I have to conclude that the Dime Toss games of my youth probably vanished from the Fairs at least ten years ago, and that it's not going to be something people are familiar with. We have to explain how the game works.
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I have about ten boxes of prizes. I want to sort them into:
Cups (glasses and mugs)
Plates and bowls
Books and other rectangular things
Toys and other lumpy things
(I need to pull a few party bowls that I never use to make some of the stuffed animals easy to win.)

I also have
Grocery bags
Fixtures (bunting fabric, battery operated LED xmas lights, twisties or tie-wraps)

Two pop-up tents
Side panels for pop-ups

I intend to bring about three 4-ft. tables and a six footer from home, and borrow three 4-ft. tables and one or two Mah Jongg tables from the club.

The plan is to use the 6-footer and/or the square mahjj tables for the prizes, while the 2'x4' tables are for the perimeter of the booth.

Maria has a lot of stuff, mostly for the Costume Repair Station. It may make sense to rent a van for the weekend.

This Friday I hope to go to the Orange County Fair and check out the Dime Toss booth. Maybe buy the carnie there a Coke or a beer and talk about the project.
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I want to temporarily hang some fabric from the edge of a table. Will this work: Tape blue tape (maybe two layers of it) and then pin the fabric to the tape?

The fabric is a lightweight cotton and there's not that much of it (vertically).
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Dime Toss So here's the sort of thing I'm thinking for FandomVerse Expo, and I'm seriously considering doing a dry run at the next picnic.

Whatever your dime lands on, you win. They've got toys in boxes, some upside-down vases and mugs, metal commuter mugs, shot glasses and stacks of little dishes... The county fair game I remember from decades ago was all glassware, but clearly that's not a requirement.
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Bobbing for monkeys, anyone? Or... some sort of carnival game?

FandomVerse Expo‚Äč is planning on a carnival/festival thing, on one or two nights. While I was thinking of doing a "Fishing for Monkeys" thing -- get a bunch of the plastic monkeys from the "Barrel of Monkeys" game, mark them somehow, put them in a plastic wading pool with water, give people fishing poles, and have some of the monkeys marked for some sort of prize -- I'm wondering if a dime dish toss would be more fun. Set up a table with some dishes, cups, plates, saucers, etc., and let people try pitching their dimes and win whatever dish the dime lands on.

What do you think?


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