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Pass-on list. Sent e-mails asking for address corrections; in a day or two I'll send 498 names and addresses to our registration department.

Hotel refunds for staff. Sent in spreadsheet of names and dollar amounts to Madame Treasurer.

Thank-you notes. Have made list of 539 people who volunteered or were on staff. As of today I have started writing 538 thank-you notes. (I wrote "Dear so-and-so" on a few dozen cards for everyone whose last names start with "A.")

For those of you keeping track of my "10% rule," this year's Animé Los Angeles actually clocked in at 11%. (Our total attending unique badges was 4700, or 4830 if you count the free badges we gavs to hotel employees.)
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Short version: Zingo's and Dewar's for the win.

Long version: Shopping in L.A., Caitlin's MFA at UCLA, Bakersfield Anime Picnic... )

After, went to dinner at Zingo's Cafe (24-hr. cafe est. 1964) at 3201 Buck Owens Blvd., Bakersfield CA, (661) 321-0627. Delicious deep pit beef sandwich, onion rings, veg beef soup, meatloaf, cornbread, lemon cream pie... Then ice cream sundaes at Dewar's Soda Fountain/Eye Street Creamery (est. 1909), 1120 Eye St., Bakersfield CA 93304, (661) 322-0933.

Then we got up Sunday morning, drove back to Lancaster, had lunch at Crazy Otto's (Ave. K/20th St. West, in Lancaster) and grabbed a chocolate old-fashioned doughnut at Donuts Plus Donuts And Muffins (Ave K./Challenger Way). A few hours more driving and I'm home.
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I have been working on writing thank-you cards to everyone who helped with Animé Los Angeles 9, our convention in January 2013.

By my tally there are 470 to write, by the time I finish this.

I've been printing mailing labels as I need them, and I have some spiffy notecards that have a photo taken at the 2013 convention of myself and [livejournal.com profile] library_lynn. Writing out the personalized messages takes some time, though. I've been at it for three weeks, so I'm quite pleased that I have made it through as many as I have!

Some years I don't finish the list. All it really takes is making it a priority, and breaking it up into manageable chunks.

It's been suggested that I write a form letter, and mail-merge the names onto them, and then give each one a handwritten signature. Nope. That's not how I roll. The way I see it, I don't "run" a 5001-person convention. Hundreds of volunteers, staff people, department heads, division heads, and so forth ran this convention. If all goes well, I should be able to spend the entire weekend sitting on a couch watching everything happen around me.

We're all unpaid volunteers. We only do this for the thank we get, or whatever our personal reasons might be. I feel the very least I can do is personally thank each one of them.

I try to give out thank-you presents during the convention (a small stuffed animal) but it's difficult to even track down half of the people who make everything happen. The thank-you mailing list, though, I can work with our Admin Div./Staff Services Dept. to make sure I have as complete a list as possible (all the way down to the fans who just volunteered to help out in Artists' Alley for an hour) and I can set my hand to going though all of them.

And I'm 80% finished. Hooray!
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Photos online:


Equestria LA
SoCal Brony Meetup Picnic in Anaheim (22-Sep-2012) Part 1 et seq.
My Little Pony backcard stories part 1: Year Two (16-Oct-2012) et seq.
SCIFI Board Meeting (13-Oct-2012) Part 1 et seq.
Visiting darcee at her school (18-Oct-2012)

Animé Los Angeles 9

Gallifrey 2013 part 3: Committee Meeting (21-Oct-2012)
Conjecture 2012 part 1: Saturday (06-Oct-2012) et seq.
Pacific Media Expo part 1: Friday (09-Nov-2012) et seq.
Loscon 39 part 1: Thursday (22-Nov-2012) et seq.
Omar's Last Day (07-Aug-2012)
Blue house, suit shopping, monitors (17-Nov-2012)
Shopping for Eggs and Soda (19-Nov-2012)
Growing the Beard (01/09-Dec-2012)
Dinner at Dinah's with Colleen and Shawn (04-Dec-2012)
Remodeling the Office (05/12-Dec-2012)
Shyloh and Cherika (29-Dec-2012)
Measuring Wall Space (15-Dec-2012)
Last Day for Lars (19-Dec-2012)
Maria's Birthday at Buca di Beppo (19-Dec-2012)
Mannequins for Costume Exhibit (22-Dec-2012)
Cars, couches, toners and rosettes (Dec-2012)
Christmas 2012 part 1: Foss Potluck Party (24-Dec-2012) et seq.
Christmas 2012 part 4: Dorothy and Bob's House (25-Dec-2012)
Christmas 2012 part 5: Home with Maria and Lynn (26-Dec-2012)
New Year's Day with Sarah (01-Jan-2013)
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OM NOM Ribbon mockup for "OM NOM." (It was hand-set last year.)
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Chaz Boston Baden, who has shaved his chin, but not his sideburns or moustache.Pictures posted on website:
Anime Los Angeles 8 part 20: Tuesday and Wednesday (03-05-Jan-2012) et seq.
Anime Los Angeles 8 part 37: Publications Wrap-up (21-Jan-2012)
Anime Los Angeles 8 part 38: Wrap-up Meeting (28-Jan-2012) et seq.
Miscellaneous: Dead battery (15-Jan-2012) e
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LASFS/Aftermeetings part 460: Coral Cafe (19/20-Jan-2012)
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LASFS/Aftermeetings part 462: Auction, Coral Cafe (09-Feb-2012)
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LASFS/Aftermeetings part 464: Auction, Coral Cafe (22-Mar-2012)
LASFS/Aftermeetings part 465: Coral Cafe (29-Mar-2012) et seq.
SoCal AMCC Cosplay Picnic at Mile Square Park (22-Jan-2012) Part 1 et seq.
Corona Cosplay Picnic at Promenade Park (09-Feb-2012) Part 1 et seq.
Temecula and Pechanga Casino (12-Feb-2012)
Gallifrey 2012 part 1: Thursday Night (16-Feb-2012) et seq.
ConDor 19 part 1: Friday (02-Mar-2012) et seq.
Beth visits California (05-Mar-2012)
Japan. Endless Discovery. at The Grove (10-Mar-2012)
SoCal AMCC Picnic 12 at Mile Square Park (11-Mar-2012)
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Cosplay Picnic in Lancaster (24-Mar-2012)
Food trucks at YLHS (29-Mar-2012)
Party at Lindsay and Myion's place (31-Mar-2012)
Chaz's Steampunk Beard (01-Apr-2012)
Costume Camp part 1: Friday Evening (13-Apr-2012) et seq.
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Maria Rodriguez and the grandfather quilt which she has completed. Photos online:
Maria's Grandfather Quilt (14-Dec-2011)
LASFS/Aftermeetings part 457: Coral Cafe (15-Dec-2011)
Anime Los Angeles 8 part 19: Publications Division (18-Dec-2011)
O.C. Industrial Plastics; St John the Baptist (21/23-Dec-2011)
LASFS/Aftermeetings part 458: Coral Cafe (22/23-Dec-2011)

My father-in-law passed away in early 2011, and left us his shirts and other worldly possessions. [livejournal.com profile] missmea took some of her grandfather's shirts and made them into a memorial quilt -- complete with some of the original buttons for accents.

And [livejournal.com profile] animelosangeles ordered some red "restroom signs" that say FAN BOYS and FAN GIRLS. We picked them up, and I'll try to show you them in a future update.

Oh, not shown: after Christmas and New Year's came Animé Los Angeles 8, which had 4211 warm bodies (unique badges issued). I'm still a little tired.

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Photos online: Chaz Boston Baden at the barbers. I got my beard shaved off.
LASFS Meetings part 447 (13-Oct-2011) et seq.
LASFS/Aftermeetings part 449: Coral Cafe (20/21-Oct-2011)
LASFS Meetings/Aftermeetings part 450 (27-Oct-2011)
LASFS Meetings/Aftermeetings part 451 (03/04-Nov-2011)
LASFS Meetings part 452 (10-Nov-2011)
LACMA/KROQ Dead Man's Ball (29/30-Oct-2011)
Anime Los Angeles 8 part 7: Vice Chairs' Meeting (02-Nov-2011)
Anime Los Angeles 8 part 8: General Meeting (05-Nov-2011) et seq.
Mom's 80th Birthday Brunch (06-Nov-2011)
Meeting Sarah and Alannah (07/09-Nov-2011)

Did I mention my chin's cold? I got my beard shaved off last week. I haven't given the razor people any money in three decades, so I'm out of habit in the shaving arena, but I'm getting better.

[livejournal.com profile] missmea gave me a pair of suspenders as my Christmas present. Tonight she took a new pair of Dockers, snipped off the belt loops (which is very difficult, they're well-made slacks) and added buttons to make the suspenders work.

I'm just about ready for this year's Speakeasy party. Next year I'll worry about more period-appropriate shoes and spectacles.

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Photos online:
LASFS/Aftermeetings part 401: Coral Cafe (28/29-Oct-2010)
LASFS/Aftermeetings part 402: Coral Cafe (04-Nov-2010) et seq.
LASFS/Aftermeetings part 404: Coral Cafe (11/12-Nov-2010) et seq.
LASFS/Aftermeetings part 406: Coral Cafe (18/19-Nov-2010)
LASFS/Aftermeetings part 407: Coral Cafe (02-Dec-2010) et seq.
Julie and Andrew's Wedding (30-Oct-2010) Part 1 et seq.
Julie and Andrew's Wedding (30-Oct-2010) Part 7
Halloween 2010: Melissa and James (31-Oct-2010)
Hanging out with Maria, Sarah, Caitlin, and Justin's friend (Oct/Nov-2010)
Miscellaneous: Cougar Stadium, plastic tub (Oct/Nov-2010)
Pacific Media Expo 2010 part 1: Friday afternoon (12-Nov-2010) et seq.
Pacific Media Expo 2010 part 4: Saturday (13-Nov-2010) et seq.
Pacific Media Expo 2010 part 8: Sunday (15-Nov-2010) et seq.
Anime Los Angeles 7 part 14: Exec Meeting (20-Nov-2010) et seq.
Anime Los Angeles 7 part 16: Morning Meetings (21-Nov-2010) et seq.
Anime Los Angeles 7 part 18: General Meeting (21-Nov-2010) et seq.
Anime Los Angeles 7 part 20: Dinner (21-Nov-2010) et seq.
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Wreck of Saltine (20-Nov-2010) Part 1 et seq.
Costumer's Guild West Board Meeting (21-Nov-2010)
Loscon 37 part 1: Thursday (25-Nov-2010) et seq.
Loscon 37 part 3: Friday (26-Nov-2010) et seq.
Loscon 37 part 8: Saturday (27-Nov-2010) et seq.
Loscon 37 part 15: Sunday (28-Nov-2010) et seq.
Smofcon 28, San Jose, part 1: Friday Evening (03-Dec-2010) et seq.
Smofcon 28, San Jose, part 6: Saturday (04-Dec-2010) et seq.
Smofcon 28, San Jose, part 13: Sunday (05-Dec-2010) et seq.
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Photos online:
LASFS/Aftermeetings part 378: Coral Cafe (14-Jan-2010)
LASFS/Aftermeetings part 379: Coral Cafe (21/28-Jan-2010)
LASFS/Aftermeetings part 380: Coral Cafe (04-Feb-2010)
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LASFS/Aftermeetings part 382: Coral Cafe (11-Mar-2010)
LASFS/Aftermeetings part 383: Coral Cafe (Apr/May-2010)
Moving Maria part 1: The storage unit (18-Jan-2010)
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Gallifrey 2010 part 1: Last meeting, and Late Thursday Night (13/26-Feb-201)
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Visiting Holiday Park in Oceanside (21-Feb-2001)
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Miscellaneous - Toe, Eggs, Rocks (Feb/Mar-2010)
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Fannatiku Fest 2010 part 1: Friday Morning (05-Mar-2010) et seq.
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Julia's Birthday Party (19-Mar-2010)
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Various Friends and Family (Feb/Mar-2010)
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Con-Nichiwa 1 part 3: Saturday morning/afternoon (27-Mar-2010) et seq.
Con-Nichiwa 1 part 7: Sunday morning/afternoon (28-Mar-2010) et seq.
Front of house - tree, carriage lamp (Mar/Apr-2010)
Lynn's Picture Gallery: New Plants for the House (04-Apr-2010)
Anime Conji part 1: Thursday arrival (08-Apr-2010) et seq.
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Front of house - tree, carriage lamp (Mar/Apr-2010)
Lynn's Picture Gallery: Anaheim Comic-Con (17-Apr-2010)
Costume College 2010 part 6: Packet Stuffing (18-Apr-2010) et seq.
Maria's Haircut (19-Apr-2010)
1st 8th Grilled Cheese Invitational (24-Apr-2010) Part 1 et seq.
Dinner with Alan and Quincy (28-Apr-2010)
Bak-Anime part 1: Arriving Saturday Night (01/02-May-2010)
Bak-Anime part 2: Sunday (02-May-2010) et seq.
Socal Cosplay Gathering at Craig Regional Park, Fullerton (08-May-2010) Part 1 et seq.
Mother's Day 2010 part 1: Dinner (09-May-2010)
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Martin Young under the beanbags. Photos now online:
Anime Los Angeles 6 part 21: Sunday (10-Jan-2010) et seq.
Anime Los Angeles 6 part 36: Monday Morning, Breakfast (11-Jan-2010) et seq.
Anime Los Angeles 6 part 41: Monday Afternoon with the H-Wing (11-Jan-2010) et seq.
The photo of [livejournal.com profile] squiptryx0 and the beanbags is from Sunday evening.

Natalie Daniel, at the Fannatiku Fest/Anime Vegas ''Your Next Convention'' timeslot. One of the convention community-building things that I'm ever hopeful gets copied is the ''Your Next Convention'' mini program track... )

Late Saturday night, or actually early Sunday morning, I'd asked a few Ops rovers to move some of the beanbags into the Fanzine Lounge... )

Kate Capps, someone else, and Bianca Lindsay. Sunday afternoon is when I realized that I was missing too much of the convention and decided to spend the day sitting on a bench not too far from Registration. A couple of my minions would save my spot when I got up for brief periods. (right)

Jessica Gaona, Becca Feiner (Bekka the Alice), Chaz Boston Baden, Kyle Hebert. Then, all too soon, it was time for Closing Ceremonies and teardown... )

''Photo Studio'' sign. We had a few issues with signs that we'll want to address next year... )

Alex August. And then it was all over, but for breakfast and the H-Wing... )

Cipriana Ramirez and R2-D2. Even Cipriana was impressed, and gave R2-D2 a big hug... )

Exhausted but happy, we all went home.

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Evan James and my little pony. Photos online: Anime Los Angeles 6 part 16: Saturday (09-Jan-2010) et seq.

My little pony doesn't have a name yet. I got her a badge that says "Chaz's little pony" and encouraged people to submit ideas for her name.

Some of the suggestions that came in during the weekend:

  • Isabella
  • Pony Prime
  • Sparkles Buttercup
  • Sparkles Deathmold Buttercup (because she needs a strong middle name as a counterweight to the first/last names)

Anyhow, I determined that my little pony gets all the girls. Everyone wanted to ride her:
Colleen Crosby on my little pony. Bianca Lindsay on my little pony. Tiffany (Neo_Serenity) as ''Cinderella,'' Carolyn Ayton as ''Aurora'' and my little pony. Lindsay Tallman as ''Ariel'' on my little pony. Patty Engel on my little pony and Carissa Edwards. Sarah Goldberg on my little pony.

I gave a couple of the princesses, and some of the other admirers, a ride around on the pony, which spent most of the day on the cart. We eventually figured out that she was basically a chair or stool that was shaped like a pony, and gave her greater loads to carry. I told folks we were doing load-testing -- if she breaks, we'll know her limit was 10 lbs. less than that.

Masquerade started on time... )

Michael Molisani (''DJ Lynx''). Lyncat came back this year... )

Rachael Linker as ''Death'' and someone. Starting a convention, and seeing it grow up -- and see my friends growing up too -- is a joy and a delight... )

Jeanne Goldfein and Martin Young. There was a certain amount of silliness at the convention. For example, I told Martin that Jeanne smelled nice; here he is, seeing for himself. (right)

We also had the Great Fanzine Lounge Revolt... )

Someone and somebody who was cold and is now wearing my sweatshirt. Last year, the late-night crowd Saturday night hung out in the halls playing Spin the Bottle and Truth or Dare. This year, there was a smaller late crowd, who had taken over a few of the tables and were doing an Art Jam. Last year, the a/c stopped running, and things got a bit warm; this year, the air-conditioning ran all night, which meant it actually got a bit chilly. The Art Jam fans liked the "Jessica's Art Jam" program item Friday night, and suggested we should make a space available for a longer Art Jam timeslot or two next year.

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Photos online: Anime Los Angeles 6 part 12: Friday (08-Jan-2010) et seq.

Friday morning at [livejournal.com profile] animelosangeles -- everything went smoothly. Or at least, no problems were major enough to come to my attention. Registration was overwhelmed. I don't have any statistics for how long the Reg line got on Friday, but if you were stuck in line for longer than 5 minutes then you have my apologies. (Reg falls under my Division, so I'll be talking to Tony about ways we can improve matters next year. Mostly involving recruiting and shift assignments.)

Chaz Boston Baden. This was Animé Los Angeles 6, the fifth anniversary of our first convention. (Animé L.A. 1 was in 2005, this one is five years later. See?) I decided I'd dress up for Opening Ceremonies, with my purple/charcoal grey velvet Kristi Smart coat, matching black velvet pants, and I borrowed [livejournal.com profile] neo_serenity's pink cane to complete the ensemble.

Opening Ceremonies went well. I introduced the GoHs, talked about some of the other start-up conventions that are getting off the ground this year, and thanked Anime Vegas for their loan of TVs and LCD monitors. I was flabbergasted, however, to receive a pony... )

Someone, someone else, somebody, somebody else, and 7 others. Cosplay Chess. Friday was the busiest day of the convention. Not the biggest day as far as membership goes, but the day with the largest number of big events happening. There was the Cosplay Chess match out on the patio (left), with the Fashion Show starting an hour later. That was a mistake -- it meant that Tadao wasn't available for the full duration of both events. Something that we'll want to keep in mind for next year!

I had put myself on one program item during the convention... )

Maria Rodriguez as ''Selina Kyle.'' The daughter of my heart dressed as ''Selina Kyle'' by day... )

Maria has decided that since she's not that much into anime, she'll use the occasion of Animé Los Angeles to dress as various comic book characters. (She wore a purple old-school Catwoman costume last year.)

The Spoony Bards. We had the Spoony Bards as our Music Guest of Honor, and this was their first time on the west coast. First time west of Chicago, I believe. (I'm hoping the other conventions attending were paying attention to them, and invite them to come out west again.) I stopped in during their Friday night concert. (left)

(Looking at the photos I took in that dark room, it only now occurs to me that I could have flexed my authority as Chairman to have the lights raised up for the duration of a song and snapped a few better-lit shots.)

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Photos online: Anime Los Angeles 6 part 9: Thursday (07-Jan-2010) et seq.

One of interesting thing about chairing a convention like this is that my busiest period of time is the prep leading up to the convention. Once I'm on site, it's a relatively less frenetic pace. That's the theory, anyway. Thursday morning -- "Day Zero" of the convention -- started with a panic, because somehow I was under the impression I had until noon to get the Staff Lounge suite fit for occupation by Staff Lounge. I was sadly mistaken. This is one of the reasons why I don't want to do a hot-food party in the room next year -- it just makes that much more of a mess to clean up by the next morning.

Joyce and [livejournal.com profile] ala_mokita took care of the Hotel Walk-Through first thing Thursday morning. This means seeing every room and making sure there aren't any horrible gashes or stains -- or if there are, that the hotel knows we didn't cause them. I realized there was something I'd put off, and could not be postponed any longer: I drove to Ikea with a minion to buy 232 of a little soft toy that I could give to all of the staff and committee. (I wanted 250 of them, but I bought out all that they had. I've cleaned out Carson, Burbank, and Costa Mesa -- I still need to see if Covina has any.)

When I got back, I took occupancy of my Lair -- the New Orleans Room -- and all around me the convention load-in continued. There were things that had been stashed in the staff lounge side room that needed to get downstairs. (I forgot to snag the cardboard trashboxes.) There were things in my room that needed to be deployed. [livejournal.com profile] library_lynn worked on prepping the Guest of Honor gift baskets. I disbursed ribbons to departments that needed them (mostly "Staff" ribbons, of course).

The hard work that my crew put in the night before meant that Registration could open up as soon as Tony was ready to do so. We had badges and lanyards -- some lanyards that we bought, others that were donated by SPJA (surplus Anime Expo lanyards going as far back as 2002).

Someone and Christian B. McGuire. The perpetual question of "when will bag-stuffing begin" had the same answer -- "as soon as the program books arrive." Shortly before 2 pm they were delivered to the designated ballroom (right) and a bag-stuffing crew got to work.

There was a hiccup with the dealers; Gary had promised the dealers they could set up at 2:00, and then ended up delayed in transit and wasn't on site until about five or six. On a related note, the Costume Exhibit didn't happen -- if we want it next year, we'll probably need to budget a thousand dollars or so for mannequins.

An interesting thing about my Wednesday/Thursday this year, which I didn't realize at the time: I had a lot of time where I was unavailable for random things. Wednesday I had to be at the house for when the truck arrived, I had a pre-con meeting with the hotel, and I had a party that I was hosting. (I expected the party to be bigger -- now I know better, and next year it'll be a simpler thing starting later at night.) And then on Thursday, I had the toy shopping run -- I'd been postponing that for weeks, and it was drop-dead time -- and dinner.

So various things that I'd hoped to get done on-site during the lull before the con started, didn't happen the way I wanted. Lesson learned. Next year, I'm taking the whole week off, instead of working Monday and Tuesday -- that should help with some of the last minute tasks. And if I can get to where there are fewer things moving from my house, we won't need the truck picking up Wednesday morning, which gives us a little more flexibility.

Tadao Tomomatsu, someone else, Stephen Poon, Veronica Henry, Kyle Hebert, and Christian B. McGuire. Another scheduled event I had Thursday evening was dinner with the Guests of Honor... )

I'd come up with a puzzle... )

A note should be made here about my Minions this year. [livejournal.com profile] ladymaxstarr organized a group of about half a dozen fans who agreed to work three (or more) 4-hour shifts during the convention. I had a little slip of paper telling me which two minions were on duty at any time, so that the rest of them had the best chance of enjoying the rest of the convention when on-duty. I was quite pleased with how all of them worked out. Some of them hung around when off-duty, but I tried to make sure not to send them on tasks when my on-duty minions were available first. So, thank you to Melissa, Patty Engel, Kate Capps, Carissa Edwards, Bianca Lindsay, Ivy, and Ariel Gerdts. They impressed our Fan Guest of Honor -- Bekka said my "pocket minions were adorable."

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Lindsay Tallman. Photos online:
Anime Los Angeles 6 meetings part 33: Publications (04-Dec-2009)
Anime Los Angeles 6 meetings part 34: Friday night (05-Dec-2009)
Anime Los Angeles 6 meetings part 35: Saturday (06-Dec-2009) et seq.
Old storage, part 15: old fabric and new (05/23/27-Dec-2009)
LASFS/Aftermeetings part 377: Coral Cafe (11-Dec-2009)
Christmas 2009 part 1: Holiday Lunch with Kim (18-Dec-2009)
Maria's Birthday (19-Dec-2009)
Maria Stays Over (20-Dec-2009)
Lego Retrieval Day (20-Dec-2009)
Kim's Latest Quilt (22-Dec-2009)
Christmas 2009 part 2: Dinner at the Old Homestead (25-Dec-2009)
Christmas 2009 part 3: Christmas with Maria (26-Dec-2009)
Kim and the Headbands (27-Dec-2009)
Dinner with Caitlin, Julia, Sarah and Maria (27-Dec-2009)
Errands with Sarah (29-Dec-2009)
Driving Sarah Home (29/30-Dec-2009)
Making Signs and New Year's Eve (30/31-Dec-2009)
Christmas 2009 part 4: Lunch with the Plutas (01-Jan-2010)
Printing more signs with Julia and Caitlin (01-Jan-2010)
Meeting two fans at Carl's Jr. (02-Jan-2010)
Anime Los Angeles 6 part 1: Wednesday (06-Jan-2010) et seq.
Photo of [livejournal.com profile] fairegoddess is from the December meeting.

Time for a recap of life since Loscon. Met with Publications Division for [livejournal.com profile] animelosangeles, had one last sit-down meeting with the concom, and roared through the month of December and New Year's doing various kinds of prep.

The Lego blocks that I'm taking home. Some are a little worse for wear, being thirty years old. In December, I also picked up the Lego construction toys that I'd right at Tim Behrendsen's house... three decades ago (left). I'm sorry I didn't insist on getting them back a decade or so ago, when [livejournal.com profile] missmea could have enjoyed them. But in any event, I've shipped them off to Wisconsin, for my nephew to enjoy. Meanwhile, we ordered some special fabric for the volunteer (Gopher) headbands.

Caitlin took the convention logo, added a few gears and vines and made a print fabric design... )

I spent almost a week driving up to the Tower, printing posters on Bertha for the Decorating Committee... )

The electric flamingo and Santa Snoopy decorations. Somewhere in there was Christmas. The usual company holiday lunch; dinner with my parents and my sister and brother-in-law; celebrating with Maria; celebrating with Stan and Sandy's family. Low-key, but I did get the roof-line lights plugged in and put out out lawn decorations. I was startled to see, Christmas Eve, only about three or four houses on our cul-de-sac had decorations up. The place was a jumble of pumpkins just a few weeks before, but not so much on the Xmas Decs. 'Tis a puzzlement... We never had Xmas lights on the house when I was a boy (and my parents still don't do it); my parents felt it was gaudy and made the house look like a jukebox. (I grew up knowing the word "jukebox" but didn't actually see one in real life until I was grown.) Anyhow, the folks aren't prone to ostentatious displays. I'm a little different, I guess.

Bekka the Alice (Becca Feiner), operating the lift gate. Eventually, it was convention time... )

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Caitlin Doolittle and Julia Doolittle, from the Decorating Committee. Photos now online:
Anaheim Cosplay and Planning Picnic at Yorba Park (23-Aug-2009)
[livejournal.com profile] little_serenity and [livejournal.com profile] magi_sammy represented the Decorating Committee.

Ohhh, what a long day, but a great day it was. ... )

Kate Capps (Sexy Kat Kashi). I learned that ''Sexy Kat Kashi'' now lives in the neighborhood, in the city next door. I recruited her to help with the next postcard mailing... )

Gurren Lagann cake. Someone brought a strawberry-flavored Gurran Lagann picnic, with handmade decorations. Quite the production, and tasty too. (right)

Bekka the Alice. Bekka the Alice, our Fan Guest of Honor, was at this picnic. All of our GoHs were represented... )

Buffet table. I'd promoted the picnic as a potluck affair, and everyone came through with plenty of food... )

When we had the whole place packed up, we tore down the signs. Once everything was loaded, we didn't tell everyone to go home. I just thanked all of them, and told them that I was heading to Carl's Jr. for dinner and it wasn't far away.

As I expected, a handful of people joined us at Carl's in due course, but I received a phone call that meant I had to go resecure someone. Kate's mom's car's brakes had failed, and she didn't have AAA towing, so I went over to make sure the two of them got home safely and the car got delivered safely to Tokyo Automotive. They'd run the brake fluid dry, and hadn't taken care of the car generally, so I was happiest leaving the car there. And even though they were a one-car family, Kate's mom would be able to get back to the auto repair shop via a single bus ride.

Meanwhile, [livejournal.com profile] ladymaxstarr and [livejournal.com profile] library_lynn were entertaining Stephen at our house. I had another stop to make that night -- I needed to print something out at the office -- and then finally it was time for us to get Stephen back to the hotel.

Stephen Poon and Melissa De Mello. Thank goodness Melissa was available. (right) I dozed in the back seat.

The reason I wanted to go, apart from to say good-bye to Stephen, was to drop off the new hotel contracts for [livejournal.com profile] animelosangeles 7-8 (2011-2012) and an addendum to our contact for 2010. The new paperwork locks in our convention through 2012, and includes a room rate of $109 for single/double/triple/quad -- including the 2010 convention. We're also getting more space, and we're getting more of our earlier space on Day Zero. I'm happy with the contracts, and as long as our numbers don't take a horrible nosedive the convention's in good shape.

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Photos online: Christian, Scott Beckstead, and Tadao. ''Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil.''
LASFS/Aftermeetings part 363: Coral Cafe (20-Aug-2009) et seq.
Anime Los Angeles 6 meetings part 15: GoH/Live Program meeting (22-Aug-2009) et seq.
Photo of [livejournal.com profile] ala_mokita, [livejournal.com profile] sbeckstead and [livejournal.com profile] friendlypinet is from the dinner meeting.

For [livejournal.com profile] animelosangles 6, I've invited "Bekka the Alice" (Becca Feiner, nee Becca Norman) as our Fan Guest of Honor. For her role in conventions in Colorado especially Nan Desu Kan, for being a voice of reason on the Anime Conventions Mailing List, and for her live program expertise.

It made sense to me, then, to have her come out to California before the convention and meet our program people to talk about program ideas. And having decided that, having all of our guests of honor meet in a casual setting to talk about what they'd like to do at the convention made a lot of sense. The Spoony Bards sent Stephen Poon to represent the band, our Music Guests of Honor; and Kyle Hebert (Voice Actor GoH) and [livejournal.com profile] le_moose (Artist GoH) are local.

We met for dinner so we could get the conversations started. (They would continue the next day at our potluck/outreach event/recruiting and planning picnic.) It was primarily a Guests of Honor/Program meeting.

Dinner was very productive. Pearl and Bekka talked about a number of program and workshop ideas. It looks like we'll be able to have a Spoony Bards concert Friday night, and the Bards will also serenade the Masquerade line. Scott got important data about their tech requirements. Lynn got some info on likes and dislikes that will be helpful in putting together gift baskets for when the GoHs come back to town in January. Jessica did some more sketching and showed us the plan for the program book cover.

At one point, Bekka offered an apology for speaking her mind on an idea for the staging. I reassured her that no apology was needed, that in fact that was why we'd flown her out and invited her to the convention in the first place. We'd like to have cross-pollination of ideas, and getting an outsider's insight is exactly what we're looking for.

The dinner also gave us a chance to make sure that our GoHs are the kind of friendly people we'd like to have. Christian was quite impressed with Stephen, and wishes we had someone local just like him to recruit to work on the convention. Kyle held court at the east end of the table, talking up a storm with Tadao and cracking jokes with [livejournal.com profile] ladymaxstarr. Jessica showed 'round her art, and Bekka proved to be the life of the party at the west end of the table. We like them all.

Eventually, the party broke up, we walked Bekka and Stephen to their rooms, and we went home. We heard later that they stayed up a little, exploring the ballroom level of the hotel to start familiarizing themselves with the place. Not sure if they found the stairs to the first floor and pool deck, though...

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Michelle Bergdahl and Kim Bergdahl. Photos online:

Dinner with Maria at Ruby's in Fullerton (20-May-2009)
Tiki Oasis 9 part 26: Things I brought home (18/19-Aug-2009)
Michelle at the Office (17-Aug-2009)
The picture of [livejournal.com profile] snobird's daughter was taken at work, in the cubicle formerly occupied by [livejournal.com profile] colleency.

Anyone out there want to help me track my postcard mailings, please?

Basically this means that a few times a year, a postcard shows up in the mail; you send me an e-mail at the address printed on your address label to let me know you got it. (It also means you'll get colorful "Animé Los Angeles" postcards you can use to decorate your fridge or cubicle.)

The idea is that every 100th postcard will result in someone letting me know it arrived safely. It'll increase my costs by 1%, but it'll help me improve the reliability and promptness of the mailings.

I'm especially looking for USA addresses that are not already on my [livejournal.com profile] animelosangeles mailing list. Drop me an e-mail (or send it to chaz@postcardart.info) with your mailing address, if you're willing to volunteer for this.

For breakfast Saturday and Sunday during Tiki Oasis... )

''Mai Tai Fine'' bus with its happy face flag. In the Crowne Plaza parking lot, there was an encampment... )

Magrock and Megan Levan. I'd promised Hukilau I'd be available to volunteer anywhere he needed me... )

Pool is a busy place. The pool area was the main ''floor'' of the convention... )

Most of the hotel's lawn next to the pool was covered with the stage and with booths from all sorts of vendors... )

Melissa De Mello. Melissa liked the Hula Girls Hawaiian Shave Ice. She had banana, bubble gum, and cotton candy flavors. (right)


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